Today Market



DCB or start of Santa Claus rally?
Remember, SCR usually starts between mid Nov to early Dec. We are in this timeframe.


I don’t know. But the 1000 Tsla shares I bought last month sure looks pretty… :rofl:


When are we going to Princess’ palace for a hot pot? I can buy the veggie, you bring the fish and meat :slight_smile:


Too much work. Let’s go to La Papillon.


We are not going on a date. Just a gathering where we can be rowdy.


That would be ding tai fung at Valley Fair.


The key event is of course the Xi-Trump summit this Friday. It will either make or break the market.


Do you really think those 2 fools have that much sway on the course of humanity.


Heads of the only superpowers in the world? Are you kidding? They could launch nuclear weapons at each other and end humanity right there.


Um… not even a true dictator can achieve that feat easily. Just ask Kim.


Fortunately, the button is not pressed by the boss. Whoever made that decision would be subdued by their subordinates. Survival of humanity is of higher priority than listening to your boss or your life.


My life is of higher priority than humanity though. Don’t expect me to be a martyr. :slight_smile:


The world is committing a slow suicide though by doing nothing on climate change. :smile:


I added TSLA at $332 today, cool


Market going down after hours because Trump opened his mouth:



I have to wonder what Xi is thinking about Trump bullying and threatening style. Still lie low? Xi’s style of 韜光養晦? Trump is essentially doing "I can screw around with China and still look cool.” Xi really can hold his ego down.


How come he hasn’t gotten a heart attack yet? He looks so fat.


Trump is flushing the GOP down the toilet with him. Cool. Two more years and we will be done with that party.


STNE bottomed last week, results released, AH going up, hope turn-around done for STNE.

Again, this is WB stock, got additional stocks at $22 today.


Sold out STNE, just like TSLA, just before it rockets, perfect timing :grinning: Also sold out TEVA.
Decided not to hold foreign stocks.