Today Market



It can go to 10000 too, but after turning at 2800 :rofl:


10000 is a stretch. 5000 is likely… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Recovered after the morning swoop.

Next up wave started? Is this the last hurray before Mar 1, after that market would be trumped!



Market closed weak today. Pretty green in the morning. Hot stocks might start to tumble!
TWLO tumbles!
2mrw AH, NVDA! Arista!

TEVA, @Jil favorite WB stock tumbles. Luckily I followed marcus advice to dump it long ago around $21-$22.


@jil already sold it seems like…


Yes, already sold it, but after seeing today’s drop, I just bought a small portion of it today at 17.625 and 17.66. No plans to hold for long this one too.

hanera not to follow me…


I read the results, year 2018 is excellent and they are expecting 2019 is turn-around. The forecast is conservative turn-around estimate.

Whatever I bought today will be sold in few days 3-7 days, but will ultimately buy it some dip time.

The main reason for year 2019 dip in EPS (market expected 2.82, while they forecast 2.5) is currency fluctuation, higher pressure from US (other government) reducing the drug prices.

"This is a trough year, as we have been saying since the beginning of the plan," CEO said. "This is the year where we bottom out on revenue and operating profit, and in 2020 we expect to return to growth and continue to do so in the coming years based on the launches of the new products."

He is the good CEO maintains what he forecast.


Buy in Oct 2019 then :slight_smile:


This CEO acted like he can predict the future with certainty.


The only CEO’s who can predict futures are the ones who cook their books. :scream:


Before buying a home, flipping it, you have a plan, how much you will gain from the deal. If you foresee the deal will give you clear benefit, you will enter to offer stage.

Since you are the CEO for your operation, you forecast and work on.

Similar to it, every CEO will have tools to forecast and act on. TEVA CEO is well known for his agreesive steps on recovery.

There are lot of patents and FDA approvals received by TEVA and he has the access to forecast how much it will go based on their supply chain network. They have 1800 main products across various countries and they are the No 1 and 2 position with MYL & TEVA.


The bottom price will be $10-$12 range, which is lower than WB bought (around $14) first time.


Here is the 6.5 Mins video where the CEO gives the picture about the company, industry and results

This is better

This is also similar.


This is the first really negative data point.


Many companies have been guiding a slower yoy next quarter. And a few companies have announced retrenchment.


Trade wars are good and easy to win.