Today’s Market October 2023

Magnificent 7 outperform growth stocks :wink:

30T yield 4.93%, 10T yield 4.793%, market tumbles.

Yield still inverted.

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Extreme Fear is back!

Lowest reading since the October bottom last year:


Every stocks green :smiley:

Looks like the 17 reading on F&G 3 days ago caught a local bottom at least? Hope it will hold.


Black swan is about ripped Tom Lee’s face.

Oil price to $100 per barrel.

Fed hike rate to 6%.

Market crashes 20%.

Why are these stocks green?

Much ado about nothing.

Magnificent 7 :+1: Cybersecurity stocks :+1: Rest mixed.

Bullish sentiment is in the bottom decile for the first time in almost a year.


Banks do well. No bull market without banks participating. So this is a good sign for bulls.

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Consumers continue to spend at a relentless and unsustainable pace. Ok, I’m a huge contributor to that the this year. :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

JPow keeps trying to knock down American consumers but we just keep spending like there’s no tomorrow.


Tom Lee’s face is ripped today. He is a permabull.

Permabulls like Tom Lee get their faces ripped again.

Oddly USD, Gold and Bitcoin rally. Thought prices of gold is inversely correlated to USD?

5% on the 10-year Treasury is a key level for Wall Street and is a strong signal that investors may be losing faith that the Fed could cut interest rates in the near future, and pressure equities as a result.

Market is deaf. Fed has already signaled “higher for longer” for many meetings. Pretty obvious no cut in 2024.

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I think there is a decent chance we are done with the “higher” part in “higher for longer”. Financial conditions have tightened tremendously with 10-year yield shooting to the moon. Don’t think JPow wants to completely tank the US economy.

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Microsoft had a strong Q3