Today's Market 1/10-16


You are missing the FDX boat, this is very good like UPS, both went down (corrected 17%) as amazon created competition.

Last qtr, high FDX, UPS transactions and covid created big jump on online shopping. Fundamentals are positive, but market corrected them.

Because it was corrected heavily, it went up positive when market tanking.

Use your EWT skills to know and buy at good low price.

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This could be the needle that pops the bubble. Inflation expectation is going up fast.


Few years before, I used to watch Bloomberg daily, believed them all great experts, but finally came to know they are not more than average Joe !

Finally they are 50:50 only.


TSLA is going down as expected, algorithm did not fault this time.

I had 15 puts today morning (Margin money) and all sold profitably by limit sale price.

Tomorrow market deep red, next few days some red. TSLA being in S&P and QQQ, comes down with market and additionally heavily to correct like MRNA and BNTX.

Next opportunity is to draw EWT on TSLA, find the best low, grab it ! We may have 4 or 5 days to make up money to buy TSLA at deep low.

Even if you do not have 100 shares cash, if you buy right call option (at deep low price), you will make 5x in 60-90 days.

Warning: Carefully plan it, lot of homework required.


I have already drawn the EWT. No change, it is now in Cycle degree wave IV. As I mentioned a dozen times, impossible to guess what is the pattern for wave four, the higher the degree the hardest. Anyhoo I think you are talking about swing trading… there are many other counters… I find jumping around counters are too distracting. I just leave it be, is not my money.

Sure? I rather focus on semi stocks. The real stuff that every nations are fighting to dominate.

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 4.41.45 PM

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 4.40.10 PM

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 4.39.59 PM

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Yeh, looks like it will trend down this week. I was mostly in UVXY and cash, and even managed to cash out of crypto sunday night after watching the tape action in time. I’m hoping for a nice 10-15+% correction before the earnings come in. :crossed_fingers:

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The difference between NVDA and FDX is that NVDA has potential 6%-7% to peak and FDX has potentially 20%-25%.

With present price, growth potential for FDX is greater than NVDA !

Anyway, I will leave it to you.

Using what TA?

EWT says around $700.

Using what TA? = Kind of my own system. It may be right or wrong. If you closely watch, last 3 months, NVDA is is flat going up and down between $500 and $580

However, your EWT is not drawn properly. Just showing a line up with $700. If you really want to make big money, you need to do more clear EWT to find the top.

This is for position trading, showing only Primary degree waves. Long shares and sell when around $700, done.

Trading the breakout not the fluctuations. Notice not using calls. Is impossible to tell when wave 4 would be completed, so can’t use calls. So just buy the shares and wait for the breakout (wave 5 - a bullish impulse i.e. an up wave), once breakout starts, then long calls to ride.

Position trading doesn’t need to do much. Just buy n wait :slight_smile: Long calls to ride the impulse. Much easier than swing and day trading.

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$TSLA traded an unbelievable $62b worth of shares today, that’s more than the 10 next most active stocks combined and double $SPY. Outside of “Inclusion Day” (which was arguably shouldn’t count) I think this is all-time record for a stock.

Fun Fact: $TSLA has traded $1.2T worth of shares over the last six weeks. That’s as much as $FB traded all of last year.

Also fascinating is that $TSLA is now trading more than $SPY on regular basis (shown by the white in this chart). Nothing has traded more than $SPY (even for a day) since the '90s basically.

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Cut n paste from a blogger.

Have to wonder if Fed won’t be the East Wind/ catalyst, what event would that be? What event would cause the RHers/ millennials to suddenly panic and run for the exit? So far, these guys ignore all kinds of negative events/ news.

Whatever I know:

All market crashes are introduced by market makers, mainly big funds, big banks with massive cash positions. They are too wild, ruthless and they use massive computing power.

RHers are poor guys, some make money in trading, but mostly lose the money very badly. They always ignore any type of warnings, typical las vegas type plays common. They are the victims of market crashes.

@jil still believe in the past. Fossilized. Better than @erth who is fossilized in centuries ago mindset.

IMO, do not mistake me, you still believe Jim Cramer (or people like him) is right. Those TV special people are working for their market, they do not strictly follow fiduciary duty, esp what they take on TV or spread in news. The reality is different.

You like to judge without observing carefully :roll_eyes:

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Conveniently remove (millennials from my statement) which many are in high paying tech jobs like Jason, @pastora, @Zeapelido, … Some of them use RH to gauge sentiments. Also, is not true RHers are poor guys. Many of them are millionaires… they may just open a RH account to gauge sentiments.

Retail investors are 25% of market activities, improved 10% due to no fee trading and Covid last year. If you count total sum of retail trading vs market makers, retailers can not match big funds, institutions. This has been the issue many years. It is about billions vs multi-billions.

As a retailer, we beg banks to provide loans, but banks beg people like Warren Buffet at times ! We , retailers, are weaker sections of the market and possibly victims of crash(es).

Some of them use RH to gauge sentiments => Normally, it wont help, but occasionally help them get into momentum boat. Even Jim Cramer does this, but his aim is to attract RH group to improve his fund position (just pure marketing).

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