Today's Market 2/21-27

This week’s earnings calendar:


Bearish divergence:

But breadth in terms of new highs looks OK.

Margin debt acceleration adjusted to price. Still has room to go?

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Tons of headroom still?

CEO confidence rises to 17-year high.

But insiders keep selling. :thinking:


A bit less euphoric than January.

Look like fifth wave is whimpering, momentum has been slowing as price increases for weeks, it will just suddenly decide to make a huge dive. Make sure you have cash or margin to buy.


Tell us whether the collapse will happen this quarter? Or this year? Otherwise a broken clock will be right twice a day, my mother is a woman and of course sooner or later there will be a big correction.

Told you already. No repeat of same message twice :laughing: When is implicit in the tone of the sentence. Go and learn some nuances and tones of sentences.

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Some guy on twitter mentioned this concept of correction through time vs correction through price. If a stock just goes sideways for a long period it counts as undergoing correction. Just that it’s correcting through time and the missed opportunity of going up.

I would love to see how much of the selling is automatic to cover the taxes on gains. With so many stocks at ATH, the selling to cover taxes is material.

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He is right. You don’t know?

Correction through price = Zigzags or similar pattern.

Correction through time = Triangles or similar pattern.

So kind. Let the smart ass figures out himself. Every year, there is a selling for tax paying.

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For big funds and banks, it is portfolio adjustment to minimize taxes. There are plenty of analysts( paid very high ) working on such issues to optimize portfolios. Still taxes can not be avoided.

There is a bubble in bubble warnings.

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Markets climb on a wall of worry. Go up like an escalator go down like an elevator. This next one will be the mother of all crashes. The printing of money and the Feds excess will create hell to pay. Meanwhile have fun bragging about paper profits.

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Today market ends lowest possibly ! This is guess work can go wrong! It will stop at deep low price.

BTW: This is posted for discussion, not a stock or financial advice !

We are living in a different world.

CVX CAT DE are GREEN as in GREEN. So is QS. Hold the RIGHT stocks.