Today's Market 3/14-20

That’s yesterday.

Your man said this is not 1999. You agree? No longer looking for a crash this year?

BTW just saw that SoFi (IPOE) has a short interest of 19%. FSLY, 20%. Carvana, 28%! If somehow they show that they are not dead yet we may see some good o’ short squeezes. Anyone from WSB looking into these?

Own 200 FSLY. No SoFi and Carvana. SPX still showing crash :slight_smile: These stocks are not part of SPX but is part of Nasdaq, right?

Beth’s TA guy on Bitcoin. Again I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Beth Kindig’s conviction in her fundamental analysis that institutional investors, economic uncertainty, and mobile payments would push the price higher, gave us the confidence to average up in Bitcoin as the trend continued along our projected path.

Her networking with hi net worth guys like Chamath and Elon tell her that they are speculating in bitcoin.

From the chart by the EW guy, the next down wave could drop as low as $30,000, hence I believe Beth would continue to dump bitcoin as it climbs or dumps a huge amount if drops below certain price.

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Cathie? Why not BTFD calls? Long calls drive UP the market more efficiently.

The chart is very cool and screams BTFD.


post covid stocks seem to be gaining at the expense of during-covid stocks.

Yeah, there’s definitely a rotation. That may stop with Europe experiencing a third wave. Paris just went on 1 month lockdown. The thing is a lot of the high growth software names are going to grow fast with or without covid. They are all trading together, so performance should separate after Q1 earnings.