Today's Market 3/21-27

This week’s earnings is rather light, except that GameStop is scheduled to report on Tuesday!

Jim Cramer turns bearish. Contrarian or selling just started?

What did Panda say?


Shouldn’t you be the one who has the inside scoop? AFAIK from his public tweet, no change in opinion. One last final leg… waiting for DTK to flash red… indicate start of the epic crash.

About the video,
Everyone know easy money has already been made. So what is the news? I am supposed to watch it?

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SPX, CAT, DE, BRK/B, AWK, PG, SOXX are green.

So is only tech, high growth no earnings stocks and stonks get hit HARD.

Call volumes trending down.

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No wonder stock prices are coming down. Tell them to throw all they got into calls.

Don’t fight the fed. The fed is maintaining favorable policy. Also, the fed will take additional actions if the market tanks. Plus, Congress seems willing to throw money at things at an unprecedented level. We may see dips, but those are just buying opportunities.

Fear has returned BTW.

Thanks for always reminding us of this index. I always forget to check this, in fact never check this on my own so it’s good to see it here.

Reference: Thoughts…

Interesting: Blockbuster goes bankrupt because couldn’t raise money because it is viewed as an old fashioned business whereas NFLX is able to raise money because it is viewed as a tech company. Is not because Blockbuster didn’t know that streaming is the future.

Another: Averaging up is harder than catching a falling knife.

Yet another: 40% of the stocks that have declined by more than 70% in a short span of time didn’t recover.

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Apply this lesson to Tesla vs traditional loser car firms.

I knew this concept already :slight_smile: Is not something I just learned from them. Not that hard of a concept to think out. So far, I don’t find people can come up with a concept so original that I didn’t think of. I just didn’t know the true story of Blockbuster vs NFLX… the false story is being promulgated. It is a hole that traditional business is in and is very hard to get out of. AAPL was once in that hole… it manages to get out of that because late SJ manages to force MSFT to invest in AAPL :slight_smile:

Wait until we move from EV to autonomous. Traditional car firms are even more f’ed. GM had the foresight to buy Cruise. All the others have zero clue.

The right way for traditional car firms is to spinoff new companies focusing on EV, battery or whatever related to EV and let the old business go away peacefully.

Those guys are not that smart, couldn’t explain sidelined cash issue.

Traffic jam builds at Suez Canal; blockage could last until next week

Mar. 25, 2021 4:05 AM ETCrude Oil Futures (CL1:COM)By: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor3 Comments

  • Tugs and diggers have so far failed to dislodge the Ever Given, a massive container ship stuck in the Suez Canal after losing the ability to steer amid high winds and a dust storm. The best chance for freeing the ship may not come until Sunday or Monday, when the tide will reach a peak, according to Nick Sloane, the salvage master that refloated cruise ship Costa Concordia in 2012, when it capsized off the coast of Italy. In response, WTI (CL1:COM)and Brent (CO1:COM) crude prices rose nearly 6% on Wednesday as worries grew over oil shipments.
  • Broader concerns? Supply chains have already been strained by the coronavirus pandemic and it’s been harder for suppliers to get their hands on well-priced shipping rates. If the situation in Suez continues for a significant amount of time, rates may rise along with oil prices. Multinationals could also begin worrying about disruptions to their supply chains and any imported goods from Asia to Europe will see delays.
  • Experts say that if the blockage is not cleared within the next 24-48 hours, some shipping firms will be forced to re-route vessels around the southern tip of Africa, which would add roughly a week to the journey. About 12% of global trade, and roughly 30% of the world’s shipping container volume, transits through the Suez Canal, making it one of the world’s most important waterways. A rough estimate shows the blockage is costing about $400M an hour, based on calculations from Lloyd’s List.
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Cathie has ten foot pole marks all over her. Run for the hills

Money on the sidelines is cash that is held either in savings or in low-risk, low-yield investment vehicles, such as certificates of deposits (CDs), instead of being placed in investments that have the potential for greater rewards.

At the point of transaction, sidelined cash of buyer used to buy stocks ended up as sidelined cash of the seller of the stocks. Hence at that point of time, no change in aggregate sidelined cash. However, a split second later, the cash could be committed to buy RE, buy consumption products, whatever i.e. not held as savings or in any low risk low yield investment vehicles.

Journalists want eyeballs. Most people don’t buy lump sum. For example, my first purchase of ARKG dropped 23%, however my ARKG holdings drop less than 5% because I average in through time. Now that I read the conversations between scoring Buffett and Peter Lynch, I have to re-think whether it is wise to scale in :slight_smile: According to them, averaging in at higher price is better :wink: Anyhoo, my investment in ARKG and a few of the genomics stocks recommended by her is complete… not a lot money, just $15k per stock, below @wuqijun $50k minimum to be reported here. Will hold for 5+ years to see whether what she said is correct… double :slight_smile: Frankly double over 5 years is not great an investment… only slightly better than the historical annualized return of S&P index… I presume is just a base case.

Did market just bottom?

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