Today's Market 4/18-24

Tech earnings season starts this week with Netflix and Intel.

Pandemic-driven stimulus levels in major economies.

Bitcoin’s gain over the last month wiped out.

This chart looks pretty scary… House buying conditions keep getting worse.

Panda fans like @hanera must be cheering…

Bad omen. First FANGMANT got hit.

Btw, look like bitcoin is going to tumble to $30k :sob: According to @pastora, bitcoin is a leading indicator. Pay close attention.

COIN to below $250… ARK funds tumble… Cathie is going to :sob: as more investors pull out of ARKs… leading to more tumbling.

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Haha. EW? I’m feeling kinda bullish for bitcoin so I bought the dip on the weekend. I do think we will get the biggest retracement after this bullish uptick though.

-31% retrace in January
-26% retrace in February
-18% retrace in March
And now a -20% in April

Didn’t do any analysis. Read it on the web :slight_smile: Some bullish, some bearish, … just quote the lowest price for bitcoin :slight_smile:

Hah I’m bit skeptical of the bitcoin super cycle price prediction of 150k+. I hold 2:1 ethereum:bitcoin and much more bullish on ethereum to reach 20k potentially due to EIP 1556. :man_shrugging:

If your portfolio has not appreciated more than 35% ytd, you’re holding the wrong stocks.

Is it a jab at @wuqijun ?

JP Morgan’s clients have boosted their short positions to highest levels since 2018. Short squeeze coming?

Not surprisingly the most shorted stocks are tanking.

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I think so. He is crazy jealous of Tsla stock gains :slight_smile:

Shorts on SKLZ reloaded like crazy. 80% of float traded today. Gonna be epic!

Why Canada sucks:

Is my luck better than Newton or worse?


I chickened and liquidated some.

Is unclear to me whether this is a counter-trend wave b or wave (iii) (referring to QQQ).

But both AAPL and AMZN are still a bit below 52h. That’s it?


Bitcoin is plunging… to $30k soon. Pessimism is contagious. Stock market would follow soon.

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