Today's Market 4/4-10

I watched quite a lot of such videos :slight_smile: Jaguars and leopards hunt crocodiles… I think in certain areas is their main meal. Such means hunting :slight_smile: Eagles and hawks. Lions. Tigers. I like to see how to hunt. Actually cats are lousy hunters. The best hunters are African dogs. They are intelligent and work in a group, and kill prey fast, yes the fastest killer. Ofc, all these predators can’t match humans. We can kill anything from a distance :slight_smile:

Obviously QQQ is in wave (iv), trend less :slight_smile:

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Well I saw a video of jaguar being hunted by a croc.

So predators could become preys if they are not careful…


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Obviously you didn’t watch carefully. The jaguar was shot by the photographer’s accomplice in a distance. There is no way a crocodile can defeat a Jaguar near coast.

Crocodile => Retail investors

Jaguar => Market Makers

Anyway my portfolio has higher correlation with Cathie than with either index.


Who is the photographer’s accomplice?

You live under her skirt?

ARKK and QQQ are fairly correlated.

Today investors sold growth bought mega cap.

What do they mean consolidation, here? They are telling sizable pullback means 3% or 10% or 20% or 30%?


…we expect a significant consolidation (-6% to -10%) as growth peaks over the next three months," Chadha wrote in a new research note on Tuesday.

Consolidation, x < -10%
Correction, -10% <= x < -20%
Bear market, x > -20%

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Apple stock reclaimed its 50-day moving average while (AMZN), Nvidia (NVDA) rose further above their 50-day lines. Microsoft (MSFT), Facebook (FB), and Google-parent Alphabet (GOOGL) continued to advance.

Yet Panda claimed that AAPL is in wave two? Same as TSLA? I think he needs to re-learn EWT.
TSLA crescendoed and now in counter-trend wave two - I agree.
AAPL was in trend less corrective wave since early Sep 20. So how can be in wave two now?

Are you a wiser and more powerful master than :panda_face: ?


I am an ant.


If AAPL, TSLA and QQQ do not reach the old peak and market turns down after sometime based on GSPC, potential chance it may be correction wave.

This will surely result drop

How many Believe this prof is right?

I felt aslept, woke up, prices look about the same and then want me to listen to a profess-or ?

Is he referring to QQQ? He read my EW count??

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AAPL is dragging SPX up but not QQQ? Blame TSLA and NFLX.

I need to learn astrology :slight_smile:

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