Today's Market February 2023

This is a very important observation IMO:

Many funds are caught short. We will see huge FOMO bids from institutions trying to catch up. There’s only one thing fund managers care about, and that is to keep their cushy jobs.


We could go full face ripper rally now.

META up 18% after hour. And with that move, it has now gone up more than 100% from its Nov low, when every news headline was proclaiming META dead.


Seems like the Big Short guy is a one trick pony. No matter what the circumstance always bearish without fail.

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Maybe bears like Singapore Chicken and Puru should look at the charts more closely.

His response…

His response…

That’s why I said Puru needs reading glasses or something. He’s just making stuff up. Of course market rallies before official Fed pivot. Market always tries to look ahead.

But it’s good to see people still fighting the rally. Don’t want everybody to be bullish. It will kill the rally for sure.

No response to chicken?

I don’t know much about chicken. Is he in all cash now? I got the sense he’s pissed about selling TSLA early. His recent tweets have been pretty defensive.

Knox also missed the rally somewhat. He’s still looking for a pullback, but can’t afford to miss the rally completely as it will make the IO fund look bad. Lots of funds are in similar situation, and will be forced to FOMO in if this rally goes on for another week.


What you just say is why market timing can’t beat DCA purchase of S&P in the long run (20+ years).

He sold Tsla at the peak. But he is pissed because he failed to catch the January bottom and is now 100% in cash waiting for the ultimate bottom that’s probably not going to come.


That’s the con of market timing. Need to make two correct decisions.

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CVNA :rocket:

I wanted to buy cvna puts but stopped myself - the implied vol was 200!

Turns out tech companies can cut headcount to increase profits and still function.


Anyone still want to deny that we’re in a new bull market?

On my monitoring list…

20+% increase stocks: COIN UPST META
10+% increase stocks: TQQQ U TDOC NET PLTR
Many stocks increase by 5%
Many stocks gap above the 200-day SMA e.g. 


Where is @jil? Would love to get his input on this :wink:


Expected some kind of this, but never expected from you ! Any way, Kudos to your TSLA. Had you bought around $100-120, really great. Otherwise, it is a miss for you too.

Yes, market bottomed Oct 2022, going up until next ATH.

However, Still no change from my stand (I am a trader you are a holder) !

You will be holding TSLA and I will be trading SOXL (sold today) and TQQQ (Sold today) and (QQQ/SMH) sold.

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I didn’t buy at rock bottom because I had almost 50% margin back then and didn’t want to risk more. Yes it does feel like a missed opportunity but on the bright side I already have more than 60000 shares so maybe it will take me longer to reach my $100 million goal but not by much :slight_smile: