Today's Market January 2024

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Man… should we worry?

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Two hot favorites of FinTwitters/ Xers. BABA and PYPL. They have been leaking, time to be seaworthy?

First day of trading. Red except for crypto related, biotech and commodities stocks.

Jan 8 :slight_smile: Sure prosper :+1:
Many stocks in my watchlist shot up by more than 5%…

PLTR :wink:

ETF & Derivatives that have gained more than 5%…

This bounce feels like a b-wave (up) before a c-wave (down). Nevertheless, is a good feeling after many days of decline.

Crypto investors are laughing to the bank and ridiculing the foolishness of stock pickers.
To them, 2024 is the year of crypto… buy crypto coins, buy crypto miners and buy bitcoin etfs.
The promise? 10x to 100x gain.

Above is not financial advice nor an advocate for the approach.

Edit: miners reverse and are red now. Short squeeze follow by sell the news.


50-61.8% retracement :grinning: Some stocks had already retraced that much.

Is market about to do a blowoff top?

People aren’t going to like this, but the market is getting excited about Trump being President again. It’s crazy the Republicans can’t come up with someone to beat him for the nomination. He’s way stronger than the first time he won the nomination. Biden is even less popular as President than Trump was, and Biden isn’t saying offensive stuff on Twitter every day to anger people. That’s how awful Biden is.



I’m struggling to think of anything Biden has accomplished. Student loan forgiveness was supposed to be his signature move, and he couldn’t even do that.

The Davos speech by the new President of Argentina was epic. Socialism doesn’t work and never has. Forcing it on people is actually cruel not compassionate. We’ve made people soft thinking success is due to luck and not hard work. It’s supposed to make people feel less bad about lack of success, since it’s bad luck and not lack of effort. That leads to the liberal mindset of wanting to redistribute money, since it was handed out based on luck.

If you can’t think of any, you are in a really air tight info bubble. Biden is like LBJ, a long time Senate operator who knows how to pass laws. And Biden often gets bipartisan support on his legislations. Unlike Obama who mostly just likes to make grandiose speeches.

I’m sure you can list a lot of examples then…

My fav top 3 are the infrastructure bill, the chips act, and the Ukraine aid. There are many other examples.


  1. Contributing to inflation when we were already at a multi-decade high.
  2. Continuing Trump’s anti-China stance when Biden was supposed to reset the relationship. China is even more aggressive about Taiwan now.
  3. Something that would have happened under any president. Let’s just ignore that Russia didn’t invade until Biden was president, since they have zero respect for him.

If you think that outweighs the intentional disasters that have been listed in other threads, then I’m at a loss.