Today's Market July 2024

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4T soon?

Either AAPL or MSFT should hit $4T first. After that, NVDA would re-rocket, so canā€™t tell who will hit $5T first. If robotaxi is a success, TSLA could be a dark horse.

July 11
Traders dump techs, buy small caps. Is this the new trend?

A theory I saw on Twitter:

Inflation came in cooler than expected. Higher chance of Fed cutting rates. Therefore money rotated out of safe big techs into longer duration and higher risk assets like small caps.

NVTS, $4, it has been rising for a week. I am not sure how much room there is left, but small cap stocks are indeed my favorite recently. There is also RTC. I sold it two days ago, but maybe I sold it too early.

Dump hyperscalars.

Buy real AI stocks eg

and real FinTech stocks

Breadth has improved. RSP outperformed SPY over the last couple of sessions.
Falling rates may have helped. And a falling dollar translates into higher earnings in dollar terms.
But gold is also on a tear.