Today's Market May 2023

As of now, they won’t increase the rate hike due to ‘Debt Ceiling Issues’, simply skip this time, but market is on its own run based on fundamentals of company results! See how many S&P and Nasdaq companies are producing YOY growth on revenue and income.

Most of the companies are jumped with ‘BuyBacks’, not by future growth perspective.

Rush to implement AI into all business processes by businesses could make the much expected recession to be non-existent or worse case mild.

AI as a weapon :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

One more thing, knowledge workers are desperately learning and incorporating AI into their work or risk losing their jobs.

This is not a bubble. Is a fundamental structural development.


This is great analysis on Q1 earnings and revenue growth numbers. The declines weren’t nearly as bad as feared.

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Thinking about it. I wonder how much of the revenue decline was FX related. I think revenue would have increased without the FX changes.

AMD and MSFT both 52w high.

Don’t mean much. We want ATH.

Another good day. Bears beware: Stay out of the market for too long might hurt your long term return badly.

Ha ha ha ! Survivor bias!!

YTD performance

Performance by sectors.

Thanks for playing along and acting surprised. As if there was ever any doubt a solution will be found.

Now we can lift off.


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Saw someone drew some lines.

More messages for the bears…

His YTD performance…

Pale in comparison to AAPL , NASDAQ, QQQ, your sincerely growth portfolio…


How about less than 2 years is bear market rally?

The common definition of a new bull market is when indices rise more than 20% from the bottom

Using above definition, both NASDAQ and S&P are in a new bull market


I am not bothered about bull market or bear market as I am a swing trader on my own way. I do not hold any indexes more than 21 days in a row and always make delta cash.

I buy both TQQQ and SQQQ, buy both CALLS and PUTS whenever I get clarity on direction. My range of purchases from 20%-80% of cash every swing.

My servers, 58 CPUs each, alone costed $10000 purchase, with monthly $100 for hosting!

Many times I have told this, you people never understood !

Here is the content about Jim Simon. Similarly,I run a computer system that helps me trade.


You say it doesn’t matter which direction yet you’re consistently saying the market is going to tank for over a year? You’ve been calling for panic, circuit breaker triggers, etc. If that opinion is based on your model, then your model sucks. If you’re trading on that, then you’re getting crushed as the market goes higher. You might get lucky on the occasional dip, but you’re not going to consistently make money against the trend. So either the doomsday talk is total BS and doesn’t reflect your trades, or you’re getting crushed.

To be fair the S&P is only up about 2% in the last year and still 12% off it’s all time high.

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Correct, You people read “Half Sentence” and the moment the word “Circuit Breaker” comes jerked me as bearish ! That is your mistake !! Every recessions, in past 25 (whatever I faced) years, I have seen Circuit breaker. I said that I can not accept market bottomed until I see circuit breaker. With 10 times rate hikes, potential chance that it may come, but we never know when.

My models can not predict future days (Many times I told future is unpredictable) it can predict turning points, that too 80%-95% probability, which is what many others here challenged me “Where is your Crystal Ball?”

If it can predict future, I would have sold my QQQ calls(bought at $2.14) at $18 (yesterday) rather than $7.21 (day before yesterday)?

This shows you are either jealous or hate or both, that is it !

First of all, I find the trend ahead and change towards it, esp with SPX & NDX (not against the trend). This is my way and trying to improve my algo efficiency.

I am hearing these curse talks last 5.5 years, so far so good, getting along with it. It is my money, my algorithm and my life, instead of reading or analyzing daily news.

I do not expect any one to agree with me or endorse me as a great guy or a fool. It does not matter to me. I found my own way with my crystal ball and living with it.

This sounds pretty interesting. Can you tell us more about your compute setup? Your algo is written in C++ or Python? Do you subscribe to any data providers?

You can see in my PM.