Tolls are going to be the norm from now on to pay for roads and bridges


This penalizes a certain section of Bay Area population & giving them minuscule in return.

Do people even think when they vote?

The comments on the article posted(sorted by likes) can be eye opening for many people.


Agreed–just hurts the people who can’t afford to live on the Peninsula.

In retrospect, I wonder how many people voted for it because they don’t use the bridges at all though and figured someone else would fund local improvements.



Our toll bridges are all electric. You either have the electronic pass with money loaded on it, or they send you the toll by mail with an added fee to it. I guess Seattle is ahead of world class SF.


Lot of US cities are ahead of SF/CA.

SF is just enjoying the fruits of what was planted 3-4 decades back(when CA was great in schools, business, infrastructure etc).

Applying the same logic, CA will also “enjoy” the fruits of what is being planted today by Kevin De Leon, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris in the not too distant future.


The invoice in the mail is the same price as the e-toll?


No, there’s an additional fee added for paying by mail.


Cha-ching Fab 7x7 homeowners!!!


Only chit!
I went to Sausalito last black Friday, and I forgot to get into the toll both accepting cash. I had to go through the ones that scan your plate numbers. Second time it happens though. :sweat_smile:


It doesn’t matter if more people went. The Bay Area loves higher taxes/tolls/fees.


It may not have mattered for sure if people showed up or not. The fact still remains: the Fab 7x7 has got you by the short hairs because your J.O.B. is here baby!!! Pay or not job for you!!!


Ticket came in the mail. $8 :laughing:




Here I am, complaining of $8 but this guy lost his car.


Well, he should have known better to try a stupid stunt like that.