Tolls are going to be the norm from now on to pay for roads and bridges

There you have it gentlemen. You wanted it, the government is giving away the country to private entities. In order for you to quietly being told to shut up because you complain too much they don’t fix that road, that bridge on your way home, or on our way to visit someone, well, open your pocket once more!
The government working for you.

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We’re going to pay for the bridge one way or another. What’s more fair than charging people who actually use it? In case you haven’t paid attention, the state keeps increasing tolls anyway. Also, SF was looking at a toll/tax for cars going into/out of the city during rush hour.

The Bay Bridge was approved at $1B. It ended up costing $6B. So if you think the government does a great job with these projects, then go find one that was done on time and in budget.

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Properties in the Fab 7x7 or the westside of the bay where the JOBS are just got a whole lot more desirable and expensive…

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We know how well the private sector works with the public, right? Like the new Trumpcare, a disaster in the make.

These tolls would be in a kind of a “corporate world” and they would sell their stocks as in Uber. Then they would raise their fees every year to feed the idiot CEO and the vampires buying their stocks.

Dang, I guess we shouldn’t complain too much about the tolls paid here…

Do you have any evidence for any of this? Tolls are already increasing regularly with the government running bridges. Again, Bay Bridge was approved be be $1B and ended up being $6B.

Medicare and Medicaid deny a higher percentage of claims than private insurance run by evil corporations.

Your entire position is opinion with zero facts.

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Come on Comrade, you need to read a lot to understand we are being sold out to whoever pitches in more dough into the Twhitler’s family coffers.

Saudi Arabia put up half of Blackstone total investment in their infrastructure fund. A single investor putting that big a commitment into one private equity fund is atypical, and would essentially have a foreign government profit from fees like toll roads.

But Saudi Arabia’s money will get funneled through a close Trump adviser in a grab for state and local infrastructure, with the expectation of billions of dollars in profits off the roads, bridges, and transit systems the public uses every day. Blackstone expects to use the $40 billion in the infrastructure fund to leverage the purchase of $100 billion in projects, fully 10 percent of Trump’s total commitment.

Yes, indeed, we are being sold out…

The private equity titan is hardly the only financier personally benefiting from an advisory position with the Trump administration. For example, legendary trader Carl Icahn, another adviser, has been using his influence to get the administration to change ethanol rules that would save companies he owns hundreds of millions of dollars. Icahn has also been personally speculating on financial instruments related to his push for changes in ethanol rules.

Is there any point in commenting? You’ll just ignore and post a link to something unrelated.

Is this English? Oh wait! I forgot, I am dealing with Russians! :scream:

You don’t even know the difference between capitalism and communism. Anyone is eligible to invest in the infrastructure projects. You could do it if you wanted.

Yes, the tolls are crazy. Some you pay coming and leaving. Yet the traffic never ends.

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Maybe Bayview is not so bad…

Well, since we are in the US, for now, why not accepting that every city can install toll booths and call it capitalism.

The point is that if we see how the airlines treat their passengers, imagine what the security would do to you in the airport if it were private? Man! You wouldn’t dare to raise your eye brows, you would be beaten to pulp if you dare to confront one of them.

@buyinghouse is making up more stuff. It was police and not airline employees that removed the guy from the plane.

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Tolls can be an effective way to fight deflation and raise inflation. When we have a recession next time, we can increase tolls to $100 to fight off deflation :rofl:

If raising toll is not enough, we can charge a mandatory clean air toll for $10 per day per head, So that we can save the state as a counter measure to Trump :joy:

No way am I going to vote for this in the upcoming election:

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