Too Cheap (Central Sunset)

3/3 1920 ft Asking 1.1M.

I say 1.6M+.

Redfin link

With a 14 in the address, no way Jose…:grin:

Ah, the Chinese discount?

Small, but 729K!!!

Right on Silver is probably too busy. Walking distance to the shops and restaurants on San Bruno Ave though. It will definitely sell at this price. Maybe even going as high as 900K.

Wrong thread, but I have known Sabrina for many years. Her mom used to be a long time realtor in Oakland…

Ok, play, rewind, play again

Another 995K center patio special for ya…

995k meaning 1.3M starting bid…


Nice one but no square footage indicated

Two sold a few days ago

Hmm, 9 unit building for 2.7M…