Too Cheap (Crocker Amazon)

Small SFH but has great potential for inlaw!!! 688k in SF!!!

Of course, Pending!!! It took 15 days. So long!!!

God, why is it that every house you like someone else has to like it too???:slight_smile:

Quickly pended…

I don’t know anything about Crocker. How’s it? Geneva Ave can be pretty sketchy in some parts.

Come on, if Bayview doesn’t scare you why would Crocker Amazon?

Good point. It’s all good then. :slight_smile:

Regardless of neighborhood, the nice ones are the ones people are focusing in on and taking their best shot at winning. They figure the neighborhood will come around, sooner or later. Get in and lock that rate!!!

Sold only 738k bargain

OMG, you are absolutely 100% correct!!! S T E A L

I would probably build an inlaw and either rent both or live upstairs and rent the inlaw out and just let that rent help pay a good chunk of your mortgage while your house appreciates.

Damn, I should have considered this seriously when it came out but I probably thought it would go higher. Snooze you lose…