Too Cheap - Ingleside Terrace

Come on it is obvious. One is a fixer the other one is fixed up. It didn’t actually cost 300k to fix up like that but that’s how flippers make their money…

Come on, that is an insult to 80 Borica. It is older but certainly not a fixer by definition. Yes, I did not have enough time to hit 80 Borica to really get a feel of it but it looks fine. But seriously, while the house itself at Urbano was fixed up the huge backyard unslope would have caused anyone to hunt for a Viagra pill… hence my surprise for such a grand selling price.

Ok, it’s lipstick on a pig at best… both kitchen and bathroom need some serious updating for sure.

But anyhow I agree Borica is a better buy. $200k discount compared to the other one!!!

Sir, still on jet lag??? This is Ingleside Terrace vs Excelsior!!! Tesla vs Yugo! Warriors vs Cavs (2017)! Foie gras vs. hamburger steak!!!

Hahaha… you can compare Borica to 1922 18th Ave. Both sold underpriced!!!

A fully remodeled house in Excelsior goes for 1.2M. Something similar (sans backyard) in Ingleside Terrace costs 2M. Excelsior will appreciate more and at faster pace, simply because more people can afford it and push prices higher. Ingleside Terrace is pricing itself out of common people’s reach.

Isn’t the entire SF pricing itself out of common people’s reach? Average home in US only cost $250k.

The Excelsior is def up and coming but there are still wide swaths of it that are not nice and remodeled. I personally would have a very difficult time justifying wanting to spend top dollar on an up and coming neighborhood that probably won’t go fully gentro in my lifetime. Ingleside Terrace is established and sweet like a nice wingtip. I can smell the old money from here…

Ingleside terrace is a place to call home. Excelsior is a place to invest.

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I like to bet on up and coming areas. That explains my fondness for upper Bayview, Excelsior and Portola.

Then why not East Palo Alto?

Nothing against EPA. Just don’t know the area well enough.