Too Cheap - Ingleside Terrace

I went to another open house (Urbano St) today but would have loved to check this one out. Ingleside Terrace is highly underrated!!!

I like that area a lot. All are detached houses and some even single stories. Perfect for this suburban man.

I may have to rethink my strategy. I would consider putting up both the Oakland 4plex and the Fremont SFH for something in the Fab 7x7 instead, like in this part of town. Yes, I would be cash flow negative for a little bit but houses in the Ingleside Terrace and neighboring areas are so killer.

Careful with the your tenants then. They may feel too comfy there and refuse to move. :wink:

So end game not more Chinatown?

End game is always Chinatown, just how many twists I take to get there is the question. I just like it here in the Fab 7x7. My agent/friend will have a hard time finding me something but we will just wait for something to come along. Currently he has a listing right now outside the Fab 7x7 that his cash buyers last minute balked on (fearing overbidding) and says I can steal for just over 1M. It is a SFH completely redone with an inlaw. If the street weren’t slightly busy, I probably would buy it. He thinks gross rent could be about 5k for main and inlaw. I don’t know about that. I will wait for another one.

Damn, pended already…

Ingleside Terrace I think is too close to the “ghetto” for people to be comfortable. That’s why prices are subdued…

Really? So, are you referring to the Ocean area and/or the area past SF State? God, the homes in here (Terrace) are pretty nice and most are free standing unattached with semi large lots. Highly underrated I feel…

Ingleside and Merced heights… low income high crime area right next to it.

You’re right, I suppose for security purposes it is not necessarily so good to have a fully detached home. You’re standing out there kind of naked and someone can try various ways to break in. Hmm, maybe that’s why those Sunset homes that are right in the middle of the block that are attached to either side don’t sound so bad after all… (plus you get that nice long full yard in the back).

Also, they built attached homes that way in SF because back in the days they felt that it’s more earthquake resistant. Attached homes can support each other during the quake. Detached ones have nothing to lean on and can topple more readily.

I have always thought that (growing up in our Chinatown attached building), but is there really any scientific merit to that? I guess you stand as one big unified block/street but what if you are on a sloping hill? I wouldn’t want to be the house at the bottom…

Try buy the one on hilltop…

Dang, not cheap…615K over asking!!!

I drive pass this house every time I go to the gym. Just by looking at the exterior you know it’s not going to be cheap. No such thing as free lunch!!!

On the plus side… at least it’s still under $2M…

Yes, we are NOT in Kansas anymore, baby!!!

This is somewhat sandwiched between Ingleside Terrace and Merced Heights. Heck, the LA didn’t even bother indicating the community (lazy!!!). Yes, redone and with inlaw but the start price is already kinda high. Come on, you think you’re in the Sunset!!!

This house is right on edge of Ingleside terrace. So it is trying to reap the benefit of being close to an upscale neighborhood (it’s just 4 houses away!!!).

Uh oh, what happened here??? I did not go to the 80 Borica one, but how did this one get sold for only 1.66M when the one I did go check out (806 Urbano Dr) go for nearly 2M??? Yes, lot size for Urbano is almost twice as large, you have an additional bathroom and the finishes were nice BUT the yard had a huge upslope at the rear which was a complete turn-off frankly for me. Hmm, I think the 80 Borica is a better buy unless I am missing something…

How much does it cost to expand that 1/2 bath into a full bath? The plumbing is there already, just need move a wall or two? 50K?

I like the Borica area but investment-wise an 1M Excelsior house is a better bet.