Too Cheap (Mount Davidson)

3/2/2110 in prime SF asking for 1.3M? You effing kidding me? I say it can go double the price! 2.5M is not out of the question.

Come on, why would this house (granted nice) go higher than something comparable in size in St Francis Wood? Looking at the median heat sale price for this area, it suggests lower than 2M

By this house is BIG. No?

No way 2.5 lol manch

How about 2?

Doubted. Usually 300-400 above asking is a lot already.

See, @manch, not close to even 2M sold…

Wow. CHEAP!! Maybe, just maybe, I can buy around there? Nice hood!

Def, not cheap but worthy of 2.3M??? It is big…

Wow, Pending!!!

Uh, we definitely need a new Too Expensive (Mount Davidson) thread!!!