Too Cheap (Outer Richmond)

$1,998,000. 6 Bed 5.5 Bath. 500 ft. That’s $400 a foot!! C’mon. Stop teasing me.

P.S. Redfin estimate is a joke.

Ooooooh, but it does sport the “48” in the address number. That is worth something…

I’m sorry. What does 48 translate into again? Dead happy? Dead lucky? Dead for good?

My first computer had a 486 processor in it. Sweet machine.

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Can be interpreted as “determined to prosper”


So would this be an example where by going direct to listing agent with no agent, the buyer gets a property seemingly at a cheaper price than otherwise? This seems too decent of a for a duplex in outer Richmond.

Absolutely. Seller always gets cheated out when listing agent double dips.

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Man, you are letting everybody know our secret weapon!! Stop it!

Wow, this is pretty nice. Way underpriced!!!

I saw that. It’s someone’s sick joke. I say 500k over.

If I were in the market to buy for primary, I would seriously go get this because wifey would nag the hell out of me if I didn’t. A tad harder to get to work and freeway south but what can you do? Side by side garages I would kill for…

It’s priced right. Outer Richmond has the same prestige as central sunset.

I don’t know, only goes for 1.46M for a home of this stature. Honestly, a house like this in the Sunset (Outer, Central, def Inner) would have gotten more.