Too Cheap (Outer Sunset)


Yup, that is a fixer alright…gotta do something about the front finish too. Def inlaw potential and yard is huge. So, what are you thinking, maybe 100-150K needed to transform this to decent remodel with way more if you want to go all out???


Yes I think so. This may come back on the market later with a higher price tag


Not bad, renting for $3750 for whole house. Add an inlaw unit in there, 5k income combined?


Teaser asking price though.


Worked…made you look!!!:grinning:


Big deal. I always scavenge :slight_smile:


Ok this is even Pended… Bubble talk again!!!


Is this a manufactured home? Certainly looks like one.


Unfortunately you are too kind…

This is just a crappy old house that will probably sell for 1M+… Bubblicious!!!


Not bad, 1M for a 3/3 outer Sunset. Technically, under listing!!! Sounds like it needed some work.

Tanya again… man, she is also pretty good with the Sunset listings!

Oh, also Redfin buyer!!! Wow, it is working…:grinning:


Tenant occupied. I think there might have been two leases (upstairs and downstairs) which is even worse if the buyer wants full possession.


Ah, good one @lasse. Sounds like you were poking around. Ok, two leases but be a tad much but people are cra cra these days…


Ok, do you guys actually like this (as much as the Curbed writer)???


Not a fan of the corner home street exposure. Curbed omitted the picture of the bedroom that is right along the street. Also has a very small yard.


Not too shabby


What about this one for the guessing game.


My guess is 1.1M


I will go higher…1.28M


Way higher


Ok I’m changing my estimate to 1.38M now… :rofl: