Too Cheap (Outer Sunset)

3/1/1130 Asking 788K? Come the effing on now. It will be a ZOO come open house.

Yes and no. Sunset market is settling in right now about 1.15M to 1.3M for your plain jane semi fixer. Fully dolled up homes or ones with something special/unique/desired of course commands more. This one might have inlaw potential but still, outer avenues and not exactly easy on the eyes. My friend wants me to advise her on her recent closed purchase in central Sunset. Heated floors, baby!!! :yum:

This one is not a fixer. Yes, tiled countertops gotta go, but still totally livable as is. I say 1.1 to 1.2.

That exterior color fooled me to think it was a fixer. That corner is also not as ideal as across the street (I should know, my house is on a similar intersection and would be across from this). Being at the crest of the street block, I have potential for 180 degrees unobstructed ocean view with possible views of the GGB that would block no one. If only, I had the money…:sob:

Too close to elementary school. I’d pass on this one.

Well, 799K for a fixer out by the beach…looks like it has the height for a decent inlaw

This was indeed listed too low. Sold for slightly over 1M. But I thought it could go higher than that? Maybe the kitchen is just no good?

Right, the fact that the kitchen was not remodeled would be partly why “only” a tad over a mil. And, it is out there in the 40’s…

I was expecting 1.2.

Now and then, there will be “bargains” out there…it does seem that a lot is coming online out there now and soon. People thinking market has topped off and need to sell?

@manch, you or I (if I were in the market for a primary) should have grabbed this (went just over 1M remember?). I know you didn’t like the neighbor looking down at you but this was a nice home (I thought anyway) for the price.

No. No peeping Tom neighbors!!

Don’t worry…once they see my pale, naked body walking around they or their children will not be peeking out from those windows again…

Major fixer sounds like (no pics, described as a contractor’s special) but entry price is decent at 813K for a corner home that sounds/looks like easy inlaw potential. Description is off. Near N Judah and Irving shopping? Uh no, you’re by the Zoo. If anything, maybe close to L Taraval street car and Sloat Blvd.

Description said it is near both n Judah and the zoo. Looks like agent tried throwing the entire Sunset hodgepodge into it. :slight_smile:

But good buy at that very low price when everything else was going for at least 1.25M!

Agreed. Can’t beat the price, even if major (but hopefully cosmetic) fixer. This was a good one for rental of the main floor and bottom if inlaw. Inlaw access via side yard door. Perfect, minimum interaction between parties.

My god. As a rental, it would be cash flow positive from day one! So there you have it, it is still possible to buy a cash flow positive property in Sunset!!!

Now that I think about it, yeah, 813K for a corner Sunset home with dual income stream potential? Well, again, we didn’t see the inside or why the need for the disclosure that it is a contractor special. Still, what do you think at minimum one can get for rent? $2500 up and $1500 down? Something like that, so $4k a month? No bad right?

I would say $4000 per month sounds about right. Ok, not quite cash flow positive if you’re putting only 25% down. But close!!!

Yup, that is a fixer alright…gotta do something about the front finish too. Def inlaw potential and yard is huge. So, what are you thinking, maybe 100-150K needed to transform this to decent remodel with way more if you want to go all out???