Too Cheap (Sunset)

3/2 1705 ft. All for 995K? You gotta be kidding me. I say 1.3M+.

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It still amazes me when I learn via those Jason Chan or other realtor’s postcards that Sunset homes are selling for way over 1M. This one was probably again purposely listed under 1M to garner interest and multiple bidding. Let’s see what it goes for since my home is fairly close to this one.

Corner Sunset home with two car side by side garages!!! ONLY 959K!!! God, this may go way, way over!!!

Listing agent is Andrew Herrera (

I say 1.6M. Easily 60% overbid.

God, I missed the open house (watching the Giants do it)!!! I would have loved to check this one out. Wow, Andrew Herrera is the listing agent. Has the Sunset finally gotten some major love from the non-Asians???

Yes, outer Sunset and hate the street number, but at 729k asking with potential for separate ground floor inlaw this is a decent deal baby!!! (Yes, final price will be higher…)

Outer Sunset is a frigid wasteland…

Yes,bone chilling cold at times but your soul will be warmed to know that you managed to beat all others to own a small piece of the Fab 7x7 and there is no HOA involved… This should make the Top 10 Overbid list for the week when it is all said and done. If I really wanted another property, I probably would have been all over this…

44th Ave…too far out and too close to school (noise issue). Horrible location.

The relatively low pricing is what will drive this one. For a corner home with inlaw potential, I will be shocked if this goes for under 900k.

Never mind, if this one down the street (closer to zoo) goes for for $1,100,000 a whopping 47% over asking ($749,000) then the other corner one should expect at least that. This one was remodeled but has the original bathroom with the tunnel shower even and the yard is fairly small. Putting an inlaw into this one would not be as easy as the corner one. Come on, over $1k/sq ft!!! Sunset is stronger than ever!!!

Honest question, do you see more, or fewer Asians in Outer vs Central Sunset?

God, sir, we are freaking EVERYWHERE in the Sunset!!!

One of my realtor neighbors sold his nice oceanview Rousseau style Sunset home and I believe has already headed back to Marin. European guy and family. I will be astonished if it ain’t another Asian family replacing him. Down the block, a gut job remodel is almost done and my understanding is that it is an Asian family who did it and is planning on moving in.

Sunset has the “3rd” Chinatown in SF after the original and Richmond. It is very Asian friendly. Most schools in Outer Sunset has majority Chinese students.

Can we call Sunset, North Millbrae yet???

No, if any, Inner Sunset has fewer Asians.

Our fearless leader wasn’t asking about Inner Sunset… I could have told him that :slight_smile:

I know, but just threw it out there.

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And you are correct, inner Sunset is def not overrun by Asians…yet.