Too Cheap (Sunset)


In other words, you are pretty sure that you would earn much more later in your life.
Very done!


Ok, def a fixer and it goes for 835k!!!


Big time foundation problem . Upstairs probably slanted many inches


Sounds like you checked it out? Depending on how bad, it could still be a deal for an experienced contractor. It will be interesting then to see what someone was willing to pay to tackle a project of this magnitude.


??? We already know. They paid $835k.


Right. For sure end user would not buy this. Foundation work in excess of 100k. Let’s see how the flip turns out.


No need to tackle foundation at all. Convert that into a rental and tenant can care less about foundation.


Oops my bad. So, profit margin is slim at best but flippers are doing it. I know they are. My sis inlaw’s place bought at 1.36M is already torn apart I hear (windows are covered, so I can’t see)…


You should go inside, it’s slanted and you feel dizzy walking inside


Just level the floor. Easy fix. I’ve done that quite a few times… :smile:


This house looks nice, although I’m not sure about the kitchen cabinets


Very nice! Yes, the kitchen cabinets are an interesting choice although I suppose I can learn to like them only because they are different. So, would do you think this will end up going for? I am going to say 1.78M.


Bayview catching up too


Geez, obviously the view is the seller here right? But honestly, the remodels in general around town (Sunset, Excelsior, here even) have been impressive at least to me. Gee, the next time I need to do a full remodel I am not sure my game is going to be up to speed. Granite Expo is not going to be enough…:grinning:


Yes, will need more than granite expo to impress.


Probably going to hover around $1.7M. There’s a similar house two blocks from this one that got sold for $1.68M last month.


Aah, you double dipping b*stard!!!


Omg, the buyer lucked out and scored!!!


Not bad…duplex for 1.1M in the Sunset


This guy is long term agent and it’s not the first time he has done some questionable stuff