Too Cheap? (Union City)

Only 1M for 4/3 2100 ft? Very well updated plus landscaping. Schools are pretty bad it seems?

Nice house, but it is Union City. Dang, don’t recall a grade 3 for any school anywhere (maybe Oakland)…

my friend has one in union city. looks nice, neighborhood looks nice but lot of break ins.

Hey, you still up? Shouldn’t you be in dreamland dreaming about the proceeds from your soon to be home sale? My excuse, I am babysitting an 82 year old lady…

Oh, what time is your open house tomorrow or later today? I might try to go by and say hi to Melanie…

got a conference work meeting …
open house cancelled…pending…

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What? No Melanie for me???

you should went last week. you can always call her say u want to sell your house. haha

No, I just want to say that I recommended her to you to gain some brownie points for later… Dang it!!!

So, pending eh??? Sounds like we did ok with good old Melanie…

I think in this time, we did pretty good. got multiple offers compare to the house like 4-5 houses away from us. got 0

Sweet!!! What’s wrong with the other house? Has an iron door??? :grinning::grinning::grinning:

our house is too nice haha
floor plan sq/ft bigger than us, but things are older. downstairs the way they did it is pretty bad although it’s legal. small and ugly and not very usable. garage is bad too, when you park the car in garage, you have to go back outside and go thru the maindoor back into the house.
I think in this market, decent good house still sale, but so so houses stall

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Do me a favor, PM me your first name so that when I do see Melanie I do have some cred about the referral. I do plan to use her one day, either San Bruno or maybe even Sunset.

PM you.

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Thanks! Is it you or your wifey who is saying, good enough no more open house?

she’s okay whatever. doesn’t really care… she care about feeding the goats outside haha
I think if we put the house on market a little longer might able to get a little higher, but even that, maybe 30-40K is not really worth it. i don’t want to risk of losing the 500k tax.

What? Are you that close to the time deadline? I guess you consulted with your accountant?

Sooo, what next Big Spender??? Buying in HK or buying one of these:


it’s in december. but market is slow… i think price we get is good.
Not sure yet, i think i’ll wait until nov is over get a clearer picture before proceeding.
hk is dropping now though. of course, i’m not ruling out here as well. even i buy back now i still gain. my next basis would start at the current price next time i sell.

Unfortunately buying now means higher property tax basis. Shoot, I met with the San Mateo accessor today at my San Bruno home since I contested the tax assessment. They wanted to give me at least a 200K bump in assessment value. I said, heck no, why? Because I was smart enough to buy private instead of MLS? Freaking leeches. I guess my lot is fairly large but honestly not usable due to trees and brush. I think the guy agrees with me after coming out so hopefully my tax number is close to my buy price.

nah, property tax is nothing if you think about it
i’m paying 6.7k last yr, so this yr probably around 7.
now is 12k, so let’s say 5k a year, 10 year is only 50-60k. but tax basis from 450k to 1mil+ that’s a huge huge difference. let’s say 600k/3 = 200k(how many yrs of property tax difference is this)

of course, unless HOLD forever. but no one can gurantee the future right?

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What do you mean? My property tax is going to be upwards of 15-18K a year. Tacking on an additional +200K is like an additional over 2K a year right?