Too Expensive (Bayview)

For sure, obviously this area is prime for appreciation with all that is going on there and filtering down from Mission Bay. Just like that posting of yours (that really overpriced condo), I am wondering if the getting is already gotten. Aren’t SFHs (if there are any listed), pretty expensive there now? Here’s the problem. How long should a buyer reasonably wait for the bad parts of Bayview to go away? Is that even possible since we could be talking about projects?

Ok, Dogpatch Extension?..sadly, a million dollars don’t go very far these days

Dogpatch extension huh? Great minds think alike, what can I say? That part of upper bayview just across the channel is turning into gold. Buy, baby, buy!

Ok, fine, but if I somehow start glowing or develop some abnormal X-men power I am blaming you…

Nice address number… that is about it

Ok, why has that one sat so long and after price drop??? Is the area literally too hot (like in hot lead) still for most folks liking???

1028 Newhall is butt ugly. Is it tenant occupied? If not you can do what our delusional condo developer did but have a much higher chance to hit jackpot. I am lazy. I like to buy newer townhouses.

But you would think some contractor/newbie who is in the same Bayview Kool-Aid line with you would have taken a shot at this. It is amazing what a paint job will do…

That’s why there are still opportunities here.

Two economists walked down the street. A $20 bill was sitting on the sidewalk.

Economist A: Market is efficient. There can’t be any $20 bill sitting on sidewalk. Someone would have picked it up.
Economist B picked up the $20 bill: There you go. Market is efficient.

Aah, but further down that street (possibly in Bayview) both were stripped clean of that $20 bill and even their economist titles…

Downstairs half of the house just hit the market! 3/3.5/1800 asking 1.45M !!!

BTW HOA is $450 for each unit, so $900 a month total for two. Seller wants $2.7M total for this one building.

Still active, the listing in the OP.

Does Bayview start south of caser chavez? Area surrounding bernal heights is better? What streets are good ones in upper bayview?

Hows this one?

Right. Bayview starts south of Cesar Chevaz. This house is too far from the street car on 3rd but too far from waterfront. I am afraid it may attract the wrong types of tenants.

So have to be close the channel? What waterfront are you referring to? Is there a marina or water facing homes?

My mistake. I meant closer to these new constructions, not closer to the water:

For me it’s either close to 3rd St for the streetcar, or close to the cluster of new construction.

The downstairs unit has gone pending!!

Jesus, people have too much money!

Yeah, probably someone who accidentally thought this was a rancher…:slight_smile:

Geez, broad day light too…

You draw the line at Oakdale. South of Oakdale is ghetto. Between Oakdale and Cesar Chevez is Dogpatch 2.0.

How about drawing a line at 280 and 101. Nothing south of 280 nor east of 101.

No risk no gain.