Too Expensive (Bayview)


Not worth the risk when someone points a gun at you. That doesn’t even happen in East Palo Alto or Antioch…

And let’s not forget the times where couple thugs pushed people onto the train tracks…


Didn’t Buffett say something about investing when there’s blood on the street? Best advice… :smile:


Yeah, unfortunately places like the Bayview or East Oakland just not good if you have older parents or folks who take public tranny a lot. You simply can not avoid the riff-raff as you go about your routine life.


SMH… You guys talk a good game how investing is all about risk taking and what not, and some kiddo pulled out a water gun and you guys just fold?



There is a concept called good risk vs bad risk…stay away from bad risk (healthier that way)


Wow. I didn’t realize how risky it was riding Caltrain from Diridon to Bayview. I did it every day for 2 weeks before I moved to Seattle. Then I had to walk several blocks in Bayview. The biggest pain was a bullet only stops at Bayview every hour. If I remember right, I had to pick getting to Bayview at 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30. It was the same going home with 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 as my choices to leave. The area didn’t seem unsafe. It seemed to be the same the same crappy row houses that are everywhere else in SF.


I don’t know your specs but I am sensing you are a dude and young so not as easy a target as some old Asian woman carrying groceries.


Getting robbed on Muni has been common since the 60s…Not news…


SOLD!!! 1.41M!

Seller is not delusional. I were. Kudo to their vision well executed. Who knew a condo in Bayview on a sketchy street can sell for 1.4M? BTW the top unit is still on market asking 1.2.


I guess I can complain all I want about the Bayview but if people actually want it they can have it. I will stay on the West side…


This 1.41M condo proves that Bayview could be more expensive than Outer Sunset. How much an this condo sell in outer sunset?

People are buying 1.41M condo to live in Bayview. It’s apparently attractive enough to some people, most likely hip population.

Bayview could become second Mission someday


Bayview has a long way to go to catch Outer Sunset. This condo is the highest priced Bayview home ever (condo or SFH). On the contrary, this home in Outer Sunset got sold for 2.4M:

I think Outer Sunset will surpass Noe Valley before Bayview can ever surpass Outer Sunset.


Dang, not many more neighborhoods with way sub 1M selling homes anymore…


1.37M for a Bayview house. Up $1M since 2012, with a great remodel. What do they mean by “Noe meets Bayview”?


That this is atypical Noe Valley styling I guess in Bayview…