Too Expensive (Inner Sunset)

Wow, nearly 3M for a duplex in technically Inner Sunset??? Nice, big units but where is the “discount” for having 2 units???

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$3M for a house on a busy street…really?

Not that busy. Tolerable. The only busy street in the sunset is 19th Ave. maybe also taraval and Judah due to street cars.

I consider any street with a traffic light at the end of the block to be busy…19th Ave is unacceptable.

How demanding… :rofl:

But you like that…:slight_smile:


Impressive…semi fast traffic on 7th Ave at all hours and yet 3.2M…

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Oh great, paying that much money for a house with streetcar noise.

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Looks like you can get fresh veggies nearby though. SOLD!!!

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Damn, Pending!!!

West Portal closeness requires additional premium…

I guess…again, money talks. The buyer loves it for some reason…

Bang!!! The buyer is toying with me with the $2.8M purchase price!!!

@harriet, I guess the buyer values the street car closeness and fresh veggies HIGHLY…

Hey there’s a loser in every transaction…

Dang…someone obviously didn’t get what she hoped for from Santa… I don’t know too many losers who are buying homes at 2.8M…

If you have $2.8M would you put it all on one Sunset home near the tracks? Not me.