Top 5 Companies

Top 5 companies by market cap are all in tech:

And 3 in the Bay Area, 2 in Seattle. Maybe we should make some side bets on Seattle?


Selling you becomes a very big business is a sin of the modern capitalism.
So sad, value added services and products are not rewarded well.

Anyone has any ideas how to disrupt the business of getting notice?
Too much resources are spent on advertisement and customer acquisition. We need to minimize these costs.
Resources should be spent mostly on creating value-added services and products, and fulfilling demand.

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You realize you are asking the hardest question in tech? Human attention is the ultimate resource every co is angling for.

Bets on Seattle? Haven’t you heard “the really big one”?

I will sell short real estate in Northwest if I could…

Interesting… in this case I will wait for the “Really Big One ®” to hit and then go scoop up some cheap real estate…