Top CEOs

CEOs of FAANG are rated very low. Two of them are missing.

How about create a fund to buy stocks of these 100 companies? Some are subsidiaries like Linkedin, so you’d put double money into MSFT.

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Manch 100 :grinning:
Might outperform S&P 500.

I’m surprised Bezos isn’t on the list. I think he’s a great CEO although there’s no accountability for the middle levels of management. People with the worst employee satisfaction scores get promoted. Either stop the daily employee satisfaction question or do something with the info.

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You are not the first Amazon employee I have heard this from. That’s just bad optics within the company.

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Nice bosses result in mediocre performance and eventual bankruptcy of the company.


“We’re a team, not a family.”


Someone used to track the stock performance of the 100 best places to work. It easily beat the S&P 500 each year. It’s hard to run a business when you have massive turnover. Eventually you become a place where people won’t even interview for an opening.


Unfortunately that’s changed a bit in past 5 yrs due to crazy stock trajectory of Amazon and Netflix. People want to work their despite the work culture.

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That’s how Dell was pre dotcom. Once the stock tanked, they lost talent and became a mediocre company.

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I honestly wonder what will happen to Amazon employee churn rate in a stock market crash given their comp structure and work environment.

Churn is already huge. After 2 years, I had been there longer than over 50% of Seattle employees. The headcount growth isn’t that big. It was mostly due to turnover. It’s just easy to hire new people right because of the stock. The issue is once the company can’t backfill the people that are leaving.

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Is all about money. Like it or not, CEOs have to worry about stock prices.

Where do these Seattle people go after they leave Amazon? Do they stay in Seattle or go somewhere else?

I think it’s a mix. For AWS people, Seattle has plenty of software engineer jobs. For people on the retail side, Amazon pays more than other retailers. They need to hire in at a higher level elsewhere or change to a new industry. Most of the retail side is from other retailers, transportation/logistics, industrial/automotive, or oil and gas.

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