Top Companies To Work For (According To LinkedIn)

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More on your fav, Mr. Seattle…

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I think Amazon is one of the few places people can literally start as temporary seasonal help and work their way up. We just promoted someone to VP who started as seasonal help way back when. I know a BI engineer that started as seasonal help. He got hired full-time, then took advantage of company tuition reimbursement to get his engineering degree. It took a little longer than going full-time, but not everyone can swing that financially.

The opportunities to move within the company are insane, and we’re encouraged to move every 2-3 years. People make jumps to completely unrelated areas, since Amazon has a hand in so many things. I’m already moving to a new role next month. I should only stay in that role 6-12 months. It’s a go in and establish/fix things while building/training the team to maintain it. Then I’ll go do something else different. For people that want predictability of doing the same thing each week, it’s a terrible fit. For people that want to push and keep learning new things, it’s ideal.