Top Performing Agents in San Francisco

Who’s No. 1 you asked?

This dude:

Also note the dominance of Pacific Union.

He looks trustworthy to me. :wink:

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Trust-362M-worthy. I am he’s got a pocket listing or two…

Admire the hair

Trump finally met his match!

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Stanley tries to double end all his deals…restricts other agent access

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My buddy used Mr. Perm to sell his Millbrae home awhile ago. He actually gave him sound advice about what to remodel or not and he got him top dollar offers and generally speaking it worked out ok.

I have personally gone to one of his listings in the past in the city and he of course was not there working the open house. Not surprising I suppose but still maybe I expect every listing agent to be present at his/her open house. I don’t believe that is asking too much. As a result, the underling didn’t know squat about the property which was frustrating.

I have heard other brokers speaking badly about him and it is not just your normal broker jealousy stuff either.

You would think Jason Chan who sells a lot in the Sunset would be up there in the rankings. Maybe just not in the top 10 I suppose.

What about Deleon?..must only include SM and SF counties

Why should that make a difference? That’s where the highest priced properties are.

Original data here:

Area is San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA

You can sort by the area, btw.

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DeLeon Realty – a luxury Silicon Valley real estate firm based in Palo Alto – earned the country’s No. 1 spot in team sales volume with a whopping $558.8 million in transactions last year. The firm also ranked 89th in the nation’s top sales price with a $2.9 million average.

One wonders if the list is leaving off agents that don’t advertise on Trulia or Zillow.

PA is not in sf oak hay zone…Considered part of SJ zone