Top Real Estate Markets For 2017

Wow, no local (Bay Area) cities mentioned. Well, we’ll see about that…


What they are talking is about percentage increase. Since our side is already high valued, lowest priced home are likely to appreciate faster than highest priced ones. Naturally, bay area won’t fall into that category.

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Sure, but to think that none of the areas in the Bay (even in the outer reachs) will be mentioned at all in 2017 is not realistic. Come on, weren’t Vallejo and Richmond recently mentioned as hot cities? Those places are by no means overpriced. Let’s revisit Newark and Union City too. Why not Antioch and Bay Point???

These are the cities we can see better growth within bayarea. They have compared big regions, see Sacramento region they cover rather than smaller cities inside.

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Ok, the Fab 7x7 is in there at #37 and yes lumped together with Oaktown. Fine…:rage:

This is the top market to earn Reatlor commission, it is not ranked by appreciation.

But many times there is a close correlation. My guess is that Bay Area price has peaked. The overall appreciation will be negligible for Bay Area. But some low end location can still have good appreciation in 2017.

I am undecided between holding and selling. If there is no tax consequences, I would liquidate. But with tax, I might hold, new purchase will be discretionary.

That would be the ultimate X-mas gift for me…a revision in the real estate capital gains law for investment properties. I know, dream on…

The latest rankings for May, 2017… OMG, what is happening to San Ho, @manch???:slight_smile:

Detroit is on the list… 1,596 homes and 824 are >60 days on market. San Jose has 600 with 75 >60 days. Seattle has 780 with 124 > 60 days. Their algorithm seems a bit broken if they are measuring how quickly homes sell in a given market which is what the wording of the article implies.

And SF got beat by Vallejo.

I am assuming this list goes by Metro Area and not the city alone. So when they say Vallejo it actually means Solano county, San Francisco means “SF, San Mateo, alameda, and Contra Costa”, whereas San Jose meaning Santa Clara county…

Definition of metro

Total 34 metros in CA.

62 zip codes in San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara

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Come on, if you want just any girl, that is Vallejo. Hot girls = Fab 7x7!!!

Vallejo could be ugly duckling turning into swan…

Absolutely, I have no doubt about that since the price point is much lower. But in talking to people lately, people are very bullish on Fab 7x7. People think there will NEVER be enough building of SFHs in the Fab 7x7 to satisfy the demand so if you own a SFH in the Fab7x7 do NOT sell!!! You have been warned!!!

You can pretty much say the same thing about any million dollar neighborhood here in the Bay Area… :slight_smile:

No, I really mean Fab 7x7 only… Manhattan West is coming… don’t sell

Okie dokie… but in that case maybe one should buy a couple more…

I’m looking…and just waiting for my tenants to finally exit… i have been told of a detached home near Lowell High for 1.65M but the curb appeal is not there for me. Too much money is coming into Fab 7x7 that this is going to be Carmel North soon if not already.