Top Remote-Friendly Companies


Saw this on AngelList: Top Remote-Friendly Companies

Companies like Automattic, Toptal, and GitHub have lauded the benefits of remote workforces for years, and smaller startups are fallowing their ways. More companies are going remote these days, making remote workers on distributed teams productive from anywhere.

Another reason startups are going remote is out of necessity. In major cities, the competition for talent has never been greater, but talent is global, and hiring remote expands the pool of candidates to everywhere.

For employees, working remotely may be essential: with kids at home, pets to pet, avoiding traffic on the way to work, or traveling the world everyday while still getting paid – all good benefits.

We’ve curated a list 23 remote-friendly companies that are hiring.


BTW any of you people invested in AngelList?


I’m skeptical a remote team can develop product as fast as onsite. I’ve never seen it. Remote people,think it’s great at first. Then they realize that worh multiple time zones there are no boundaries. People expect them to always be available, since they work from home. There’s no leaving the office for them.


It’s pre-IPO so how do you invest in Angellist?


They raised part of a round on AngelList.


I work from home two times a week at a small start-up (~150 employees). It helps a great deal with the commute (SF -> MV). I don’t think I would be able to do that commute 5 times a week…


I would prefer a 100% remote job. What’s the best place to find such opportunities?


I’ve only seen that granted to strong performers that need to move for some reason. The company doesn’t want to lose the talent, so they agree to let them work remote.


I understand most companies won’t allow 100% remote working. But some companies have no office at all and everyone is remote. That’s fascinating


There are many websites covering this if you search for things like “remote jobs”. They’re mostly limited to developers, marketers, customer service and operations managers at the moment though.

The thing to remember is, your talent pool as a remote employer is vast. Where it used to be about employing someone in your city, now you have the whole world to choose from.