Trader Joe's > Whole Foods

Is this Richmond? Geary and Masonic.

The area just south of 280 and east of 85 fits the pattern.

Um… no, it’s Laurel Heights…

Yes, @hanera seems like the kind of person who lives in Cupertino.

Yuup, Grand Poobah was misdirecting us to the SF Richmond… but we too smart for that, right??? Play along, @wuqijun…play along… :grinning:

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I am not the prize remember??? Focus…

We know,

Malaysian Chinese Women

Haha… You’re welcome to stalk all day long. I don’t have time for that. I need to go watch some American Ninja Warriors and call it a day…

She’s cute, but boy I can’t stand that Chinglish accent…

I don’t think it’s San Tung. Maybe it’s Andronico’s.

You don’t need to. His house if I remember correctly is a corner home and if he’s a block away from Safeway then there are only a handful of houses that would match this description :slight_smile:

In that case, you might want to go back to China to search for the ideal sugar mommy,

Rich Female Millionaires looking for the right man.

Nooooo… our Commander In Chief’s neighborhood of choice is the prize

I watched that video already! Like 4 years ago!

Um, Andronico’s got bought out and San Tung just expanded…

Oh god… I have better things to do than to check out 10 corner homes…

Yes, you do, like hang out at an Ocean Ave chinese take-out joint while on the lookout for a Honda CRV driven by a bespectacled Asian male. How hard can that be in the Fab 7x7???:grinning:

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I have been to Whole Foods like 3 times (their cakes are good), but other than that countless trips to Traders Joe.

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