Trading wars impact

  • Other countries or regions with a level-two advisory include Algeria, Antarctica, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Myanmar, and the United Kingdom.


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Just a reminder:



Progress is being made.


The situation is so bad, any progress is great progress :hot_face:


While Trump blames the Federal Reserve and Democrats for stock market volatility, the damage his trade wars has wrought is large and quantifiable. Trade policy news has triggered major daily jumps in U.S. stock prices — swings of at least 2.5 percent — four times since March. For context, that happened only seven times before, total, over the previous 118 years , according to University of Chicago professor Steven J. Davis.

Depending on whom you ask, China may have been overdue for a sharp slowdown, or even a recession, long before the trade war began, given its structural problems. But the trade war could tip the balance. It might lead investors to suddenly reevaluate China’s long-term growth prospects, Cornell University professor Eswar Prasad told me.

The global fallout from a Chinese recession would be devastating. It would harm many of our closest allies in East Asia — including South Korea and Japan — which count China as one of their most important export markets.


Trump is not a system engineer, he can’t appreciate the interdependence of processes.


Bloomberg: Trump Wants Trade Deal With China to Boost Stock Market, Sources Say

As expected, once Trump is personally invested in the deal, he will get it done. He sees stock market as his daily score card.

President Donald Trump is increasingly eager to strike a deal with China soon in an effort to perk up financial markets that have slumped on concerns over the trade war, according to people familiar with internal White House deliberations.

According to people familiar with the matter, Trump’s willingness to cut a deal with Beijing is driven in large part by his desire for markets to rally. He publicly said he’s eager to make a deal that benefits both sides while also stressing that China’s slowing economy and falling stock market signal the country is more desperate than the U.S. for a speedy outcome.


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