Trading wars impact




see manch, you’re too scare . Both xi and trump just BS, next 2-3 days will recover more than friday’s drop.


Both Xi & Trump won’t change the stands and they remains same.

Market will come back, but tariff remains as is. That is volatility.


tariff talk… both talk and no set date(means not gonna happen)


They will talk 3 to 6 months, delegation by delegation and then top level may be…etc.



he is right. it’s stupid.


And he should focus on the war on pharmacy/medical/hospital charges also

drugs made in america, sent to cananda, and ship back to US is 40-50% cheaper than buying here, BS

outrageous hospital/medical charges, complete BS

and all president talk, no one got guts to do shxx about fixing these. Fix that flaw and our insurance will go down. then no need for whatever universal BS healthcare. Also limit these nonsense lawsuit, put those lawyer in jail, and business will thrive and insurance will paid a lot less.


China is playing hardball.


The value of the Yuan bottomed in December, 2016. It’s up ~10% since then. They stared to let it float more after Trump’s talk of being a currency manipulator. 10% is a pretty big currency move in that amount of time.


Had nothing to do with trump. They appreciated it to stamp the outflow.




Same article posted in another thread.

For all its recycled nature, there were enough goodies in Xi’s speech that Washington might be tempted to declare victory and go home – the best possible outcome from the current trade tensions.

China’s transformation to a middle-income economy is making it more open to free markets by a natural process of evolution, just as the rise of the consumer society in the middle of the 20th century helped the U.S. shake off a century of protectionism and become a cornerstone of the multilateral economic system.

If Xi has offered enough for both sides to save face, who cares whether the meal is fresh or not?

China wants above everything else advanced tech, especially semiconductor manufacturing tech. Right now it can’t even import latest generation advanced machinery made by the likes of Lam Research and Applied Material. If Trump eases those limits I think China can give up a lot of exports.


If US treats China as a partner instead of an enemy and remove technology restrictions, trade imbalance might be reduced or even disappear. With technology export restrictions, trade imbalance can be there for a long time due to structural imbalance.

US need to import shoes and iPhones from China, but China is prohibited from buying expensive technology products from US.

This seems to be a positive development. It can help beyond trade. There are many political, economic and military benefits when US and China becomes partners. That would help globalization tremendously.


Would you, after many years of being the boss of John, now has to be of equal partner to him?


China is both a friend and an enemy to us. It cooperates with us in many things but it still does things like trying to steal technology, pirating intellectual property and creating artificial islands along international trade routes in disputed waters. So if it wants technology restrictions, removed it has to change its ways.



I am reading what I am reading? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:




Holy moly, stocks roaring back with a vengeance :smile:


Go Mark go!!