Trading wars impact


Good to sell time? But not for you !


I wont lie, i was very worried after yesterday. Market is very weird. I am clawing my way back to where i was just weeks ago!


U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon that he is “very thankful” for Xi’s "kind words on tariffs and automobile barriers … also, his enlightenment on intellectual property and technology transfers. We will make great progress together!”



I always lie.


Paradox, got it.




Sooo… if #2 is true, then #1 is false? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@hanera and @manch are the 2 biggest jokers on this forum. Don’t ever listen to what they say about anything that’s investment related…


If #2 is true then #2 is false. If #2 is false then #2 is true.


if #2 is false, then #1 is true…STFR…


facebook will soon be back to it’s high.


Closing price is below my average purchase price :roll_eyes:


As long as people do not get turned off from FB for some reason OR find an alternate social network that works better, FB will continue to grow.


I am always right. Listen to me.


Are you God?


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Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America CEO Matt Priest says there are 436 ways to classify shoes when it comes to the government’s tariff codes and based on construction materials of the upper and outer soles, footwear duties go as high as 67.5 percent.

Duties on clothing are also levied in a wide range, including pantyhose at 16 percent, certain knit tops and men’s coats at 28 percent.

Like I said earlier both clothing and shoes already have tariffs. Yet you don’t see Americans signing up to sew clothes and make shoes. Tariffs just don’t work in “protecting” jobs. Let the market work it out.


Why should China have a tariff on anything made in the US? Labor costs are so much lower in China, and you don’t have to ship it across an ocean. Anything made in China should automatically be cheaper than the same good made in the US. That’s why their 25% tariff on US made cars is crazy.


And guys, don’t be so happy about what xi said. remember talk , wait to see real action before celebration. China promise a lot, but lot of times don’t deliver. just ask the hk ppl , 50 yr no change, let you have popular vote, etc…


It’s to protect its domestic manufacturers. The ultimate goal of a tariff is to shield domestic companies from foreign competition.


Wage cost is only part of the equation. Technology, worker skills, management quality and capital availability are all important factors in competitiveness