Trading wars impact


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I’m pretty sure they lack some kind of a freight service… :slight_smile:


The US and S Korea did joint military exercises. That’s what started the whole thing. N Korea abruptly canceled a meeting with S Korea over it.

It’s similar to the whole uproar over moving our embassy to Jerusalem. Did anyone know that in 1995 congress passed legislation recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel? We had to move our embassy there by 1999. Presidents have been signing a waiver every 6 months, so we didn’t move it.

Interesting that Trump gets the blame when:

“On June 5, 2017, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution commemorating the 50th anniversary of reunification of Jerusalem by 90-0. The resolution reaffirmed the Jerusalem Embassy Act and called upon the President and all United States officials to abide by its provisions.“

It appears both parties voted 100% for it, so why are democrats condemning Trump for doing something they voted to do?

It’s amazing the narrative that’s spun in the media vs the actual facts.


Because the narrative has changed. Popular sentiment has shifted from pro-Israeli to pro-Palestinian. Dems also shifted with the wind.


However, unlike North Korea, Palestine is one area no one should ever invest into.


It’s because the dance was that everyone would vote on it, but no one would take action so as to preserve the peace. They kept kicking the can down the road to avoid further destabilization. If the senate actually wanted to do something it wouldn’t be a resolution that they passed but something concrete.

The embassy move, pulling out of Iran deal, and everything else the admin has been doing in the middle east points to either incompetence on the part of the administration or narcissism or corruption (being in the pay of Russia)


Dozens of Palestinians already died in the embassy move. Totally meaningless move that adds rocket fuel to a fire.


The most recent vote was June of 2017. It was literally unanimous with 10 people not voting.

You mean people that attacked the boarder of a country were killed? If you violently attack a border, there’s a good chance you’ll die.


Eh, if you go against … there is a good chance that you will … You can make almost any statement like that hold true. Doesnt make it right.

Though, i do not deny israel’s sovereignity and freedom to choose their capital. That area is complex. Israel is trying to survive there, at the cost of doing many mistakes. It unfortunately happens in every country’s birth.


It is all about media bias. The anti Semitic left always portrays Israel as the aggressor. Even though Jews were Stateless for centuries. A two state solution is the fairest solution rejected by Hamas who demands the extermination of Israel


Was the force appropriate? Any provocation needs to be gunned down by armed troops?

Also why were those Palestinians so angry that they risked their lives protesting in the first place?


Because they were misled by Hamas, a terrorist organization that controls Gaza.


The are angry because of lies told to them by Hamas, Iran, and the left…


I’m sure they should have just hugged it out.


Can’t Israel and Palestine learn the concept of borderless countries? If they have a borderless country, border wouldn’t matter at all.

A serious education failure! Worthless fight and worthless death tolls. Borderless, ok?


These people are hungry for success…


Is this a legit publication?


Jack Ma’s paper. Legit.


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I heard the offer was rejected being too little?