Trading wars impact


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How is the stock market today?

Another opening mouth from your liar, vindictive president? Oh no!

His cohorts are making it big in the stock market, are you?:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


In case you live in a cave,


not sure i get it


iPad has a bigger screen, so can see more. iPad pro would be ideal for reading.


We have seen the influx of people worried about this flat stock market. 401Ks and IRAs are being abandoned. They seem to be a little bit worried another 2008-2009 event coming. I wouldn’t doubt about it.


No sir, my 401k and IRA are safely parked with 7% or above YTD profit level. It all depends on how people focus on those !


I know it wasn’t you among the ones I see at the office. They don’t want to risk their money in this environment.

7% return? Man! That’s bad! Before taxes? :wink:

At least you are doing better than me in 2001-2002. Those hidden charges were killing my account. Me a newbie had $5K invested, from which I only had $1200 left, yeah! they said, keep investing! Not knowing what, I just left that money there, never looked back. What an idiot! :crazy_face:

There’s an advise that says “stay put” when it comes to the stock market, but also one that says do not stay put when you see an exit strategy when you become a winner, not a gambler. I think it is from WF.


401k is tax-deferred or exempt if roth.


401K = Either you pay taxes on the seed, or you pay taxes on the harvest. Limitations and headaches to get your own money when you need it. It is attached to the waves of the stock market, up, and down, and the downs are the ones making this a real hero if it can provide you with a good retirement, which they say last 5 years only.

Roth? Better than 401K, but it has limitations and it is not exempt from the crashes the stock market suffers once in a while, say 2008-2009 scenario, 38.5 % down!

People committed suicide, or got broke, BK, or went to work for McDonald’s or Walmart after being just about to go to enjoy life.

401K wasn’t supposed to be for the employee in the beginning. It was a perk for the upper management. Then, somebody found a way to incorporate it as retirement benefit, kicking out the pensions that Americans were supposed to get, which are almost non-existent nowadays.

With 401K, IRAs, Roth and whatnot, the employer sought to get rid of their own obligations and responsibilities to provide Americans with a retirement package, aka “pension”.

Easy peachy, that’s all.

If you want to know about it, read books.

The power of zero. David McNight
The new rules of retirement saving by Martin H. Ruby.

And many more that will illustrate you on the ways the real rich people “leverage” their money without the hassles of waking up to the call of that annoying tenant asking them to replace their food disposal or that rat in the attic, etc.


LOL. You deserve such a nice treatment… replying innocently…You are caught :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Try to reach the proverbial zero income. And no, it’s not the “I am not working so I am zero tax bracket”.

You need to not have any income that can be taxed, or at least, minimize it.

Even if you retire, with lots of investments, chances are you are going to fall victim of your own income, which will make the IRS happy to tax your SS benefits. And that is a double taxation.

Try to get away from recessions and their subsequent effects. If you can do that, you are the king of the jungle. Or, stay a gambler.

Again read, read, and read.


At a joint press conference at the White House, Trump bemoaned America’s $151bn trade deficit with the European Union, whose exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs expires on Tuesday unless the US grants an extension.

Merkel suggested little progress had been made on the issue. “The president will decide – that’s very clear,” she told reporters. “We had an exchange of views on the current state of affairs and the negotiations. The decision lies with the president.”

Trump said: “We need a reciprocal relationship, which we don’t have. We’re working on it and we want to make it more fair and the chancellor wants to make it more fair.”


Journalism is just crap these days. Headline: “China says its manufacturing activity slowed down in April amid trade fight with the US”

“The official Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) released on Monday fell to 51.4 in April, from 51.5 in March, but remained well above the 50-point mark that separates growth from contraction on a monthly basis.”

That’s very different from the headline which is designed to get a knee jerk negative reaction.


“China says its manufacturing activity slowed down in April amid trade fight with the US”

Sounds very click-baity for sure.



Two points:

  1. Kim is the smarter of the two. Much smarter.

  2. China’s VP, the guy in charge of the economy, just landed in US for another round of trade talk. Coincidence? I think not.


What’s the implication for your 2nd point? I don’t think i got that.


The implication is that the North Korean economy will enter a phase of meteoric rise so there will be a chance for anyone to jump in and create enormous wealth for himself.


Xi is reminding Trump China has a lot of cards to play. You want something from Kim? You better be nice to us.

Kim actually went to China twice, in rapid succession, in the last 2 months.