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Ewwww…Barney is better…

Not trying to defend anybody but I don’t think @Ironduke deliberately used racist slurs. I mean, come on, most of the active users on this forum are ethnically Chinese. Is it wise to tick off Chinese people here? Our Screamer-in-Chief is Chinese for Christ’s sake. In the spirit of this thread, anybody with an “IQ” greater than zero would not do that to anyone’s face here. I can’t guarantee that they are not racist deep inside, but at least they wouldn’t be so open about it.


I left for couple hours, and you fellas couldn’t contain your excitements… come on…


He actually used that term twice in this thread. One time could be an oversight but twice? And he was cussing China while saying that. I’m not sure about you guys but I can see through his intentions very clearly. Especially after the incident in which he complained about his home town (Foster City) being overtaken by “rich Chinese people”.


Well if that’s the case then he has no one to blame but himself. Money speaks louder than words. How about moving to PA? Oh wait…


I’m the minority here. I’m the one that gets to complain about inequality and racial slurs.


Here’s the other instance…

This one is even more direct because he included the word “chinese” as well…


If there’s anyplace you can be openly racist it’s in an anonymous forum. Most of the active posters here aren’t fools.


Number has nothing to do with it. Remember when Britain colonized India and subdued all Indians. How many British people were there in India and how many Indians?


Not when the race you are trying to attack is the majority of the anonymous forum. That’s like cursing Lil Kim on North Korean soil.


I don’t think anything changes if some race is majority or minority though. What’s the recourse? banning him? :slight_smile: What will that do again?


All I am saying is the attacker (if there truly is one) needs to be mentally prepared that someone will get upset, which might not even be a concern at all.


meh. life is too short to be offended by, or attack on someone.


That’s what I would do if I were the administrator. That would send a strong signal to everyone on the forum that racial slurs will not be tolerated.



exactly what they’d do :slight_smile: or not.
sending strong message? like i can create a new account and move on :slight_smile:


It’s okay. I appreciate @manch for creating this forum and not having any strict rules. I don’t think we can discuss our favorite topic aka Chinese food if it is still operated by Redfin.


Asians have higher median income in the US than white people.


Also that means very little. Remember the holocaust. The Nazis killed the Jews because they controlled the wealth of Germany.


Everyone is a racist inside to a certain degree. That means we often use race as a shorthand generalization. As long as people are not too unpleasant about it that’s fine.


Is a specific case. The generic case is the median income of immigrants (legal :slight_smile: ) is always higher than the median of the population of the nation because they are a selected sample (not sure is the right word) and hence have a narrower spread whereas the spread of the population is a normal distribution (kind of :slight_smile: ).


I’m a racist, a sexist and an elitist. However, I’m a nice man to women of any races :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: