Trading wars impact


Clearly my attempt at light and airy didn’t work…


Um… I was ready to befriend you again but your insult ruined it.


I loled at the whole thing.


Latest oled?


I’m glad to have provided entertainment :smile:


I have known a long time about his bigotry. But here’s the actual proof of @Ironduke’s racial slur against Chinese people. His Asian neighbor in Foster City must’ve really done him wrong…


Drinking early Wuqijun?..lets the night settle a bit first…!!

Count your $$ till then. We know how you made them…


@manch, I would seriously consider revoking @Ironduke’s account if I were the administrator.


It may be hard for you Wuqijun but you end up exposing yourself pretty bad here…

Now you are calling me racist to deflect it. Grow up. This is an adult forum

Read my post about China from other threads in this forum.


Actually people who talk about racial superiority all the time either via superior IQ or what not & denigrate other races(repeatedly on this forum) are the biggest racists, because they suspect that others look at the world with the same lens as they themselves do.


Are you refering to me? :slight_smile: I never for once said that Chinese people are racially superior or have a superior IQ. I said that Chinese people have an average IQ of 100 which is average level. Also, I did not use racial slur against another race like @ironduke did.


Dude that’s some meta level trolling. Lol


meta IQ needed for meta trolling. loled…


I can’t say for sure which level you guys are at. But if you are supporting someone who uses racial slur blatantly, at which level do you think you stand?


Chink in an armor means holes in an armor as I am sure you very well know.


Right. In this context as he was badmouthing Chinese people? What’s the other meaning of this word?


I am well aware that the term chinks is a slur. FWIW I believe @ironduke didn’t mean anything deeper then the common phrase of holes in the armor.


Anyway @manch I think this thread needs to be locked. People are getting too worked up.

It’s a public forum folks. Take a chill pill. :slight_smile:


Yes, sweep it under the rug. Now I can really sympathize with the BLM people…


Time to have a big hug folks. :smile: