Trading wars impact


For some reason, I have a strange feeling that ironduke is East Asian. May even be a Chinese :rofl:, or Japanese, Korean. Or married to an East Asian

What’s your guess?

Racial sensitivity is needed in a multi cultural and multi racial place. Any insensitivity and prejudice towards other races or your own race is not right.

Mutual respect is required. I think mutual respect is more important than the tariffs :sunglasses:


The phrase “chink in one’s armor” has been used since the 15th century.[3] It adopted a more idiomatic meaning in the 17th century.


What’s the other instance of usage of chink? Wqj mentioned 2


Chink is an English-language ethnic slur usually referring to a person of Chinese ethnicity. The word is also sometimes indiscriminately used against people of East Asian appearance. The use of the term is considered offensive.

Chink Historically used with negative connotations towards the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom as a result of the follies of a corrupt, insular and self-righteous Qing Dynasty (thus a Qink/Chink referred to a person who was both ignorant yet arrogant).

No More Chinks in the Armor The Jeremy Lin controversy suggests it’s time to retire the phrase for good.


Point is the idiom came into existence BEFORE the slur was recognized.

So, to associate an idiom which came into existence 4 centuries earlier to a racial one word slur sounding similar is mischaracterization.

Around the turn of the 20th century, many white North American perceived Chinese immigration as a threat to their living standards.


Interesting. I’m almost certain she is not an American born, may be not even Caucasian, otherwise she would know chink is offensive.


We all know about ironduke’s intention when he used that phrase. What’s also disappointing is that people like @jil, @BA_lurker, and @Roy321 defending the indefensible, even after multiple people have voiced their grievances. Have you ever been called that word in your life? If you have, let’s share this moment of grief together. If you haven’t, please be considerate of others and be mindful of the multicultural society we are sharing.


You may not realize it, but many of what you write feels like it belongs in stormfront’s east asian alternative. Just a perspective that may help you too.


Dude if you have any logic against what I have said… say it… else it’s a bunch of baloney.


Same thing happened to me numerous times when I was traveling overseas in friendly small talk settings (not when arguing). When people ask this question usually they are curious about your ethnic background, not where you live most of your life or where you are traveling from. It’s a matter of whether they want to probe further or not. In your case since you were arguing with the other lady then she was definitely trying to stereotype you into a certain bucket.

Nowadays I just tell the oversea locals that I am from my birthplace so they can skip the anticipated question. If you don’t want any unpleasant feelings I suggest you do the same. So instead of asking me where I am “really” from, their next question switches to “how come your English is so good?” Win-win :slight_smile:


Definition of chink

1 : a small cleft, slit, or fissure a chink in the fence
2 : a weak spot that may leave one vulnerable his lawyers found a chink in the law
3 : a narrow beam of light shining through a chink
Origin and Etymology of chink

probably alteration of Middle English chine crack, fissure
First Known Use: 1535


I think for @Jil it might be different. He likes to watch you being restless in general and you are falling for it…


That’s funny. What gave you that impression? If people can trash China, why can’t I praise it? Praising it will make me an East Asian supremacist?

For the record, I don’t actually think of China as anything supreme. It’s had its share of downfall and shortcomings. If it really were that good, I wouldn’t be here living in America.


The best way we can get the answer is clarification from @Ironduke.
If he/she doesn’t bother to clarify it, i guess the intention is clear.


Yes, context is important. You don’t say that to people when you are arguing with them :smile:


I read somewhere that asking “where are you from?” is a racial question. Well read folks no longer ask this question.


Yes, I’m well aware of him pressing my buttons. I’ve also pressed his buttons. But he should be more sensitive in this case because it involves a racial slur.


That might be a bit of an overreaction :slight_smile:


There goes another 99% useless thread. Was it 95% cant remember.


For me it’s not useless. It gave me much more clarity of what some posters here are really made of. Although I will never meet them in real life, but still… :slight_smile: