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4 Reasons Asking ‘Where Are You From?’ Is Offensive :slight_smile:


Yes, context again…


Yeah, why do you care? Said something stereotypical about asians? Brush it off, and move on.


No. This needs to be condemned every time that is encountered.


Sure you want me to share my racial jokes in a public forum? May be in a meetup :slight_smile: I have jokes for all races and non-Cantonese Chinese :slight_smile:


Slippery slope, how is this different than people damning republicans every time. Just brush it off.


I have jokes and funny observations about my own nation. I am not my own nation, i am an individual who happen to be born in a particular cou try i no longer live.


The difference is that racism is intolerable but political affinity is tolerable.


You rich asian. Ok i give up :slight_smile:


With Muted Move on Micron, China Blinks in Trade War, Credit Suisse Says

A preliminary injunction handed down last week by a Chinese court against Micron Technology (MU) reveals a little of the vulnerability that China feels in the current tariff and trade battle, according to Credit Suisse’s John Pitzer.

Pitzer, who has an Outperform rating on Micron, notes that the halt on certain Micron sales amounts to just $80 million, and Micron reiterated its outlook for the current quarter in disclosing its receipt of the notice of injunction.

Pitzer calls the move by the Chinese “an almost ‘meaningless’ slap on the wrist by the China courts."

To him, it "suggests that current U.S./China trade disputes are constraining the China courts for fear of escalation – the most significant (albeit low probability) being an embargo on U.S. SCE tools necessary for China’s domestic semi plans,” referring to “semiconductor capital equipment,” or chip-making gear, sold by the likes of Applied Materials (AMAT) and Lam Research (LRCX).

As mentioned in today’s report by Morgan Stanley analysts Joseph Moore and Craig Hettenbach, there is a continuing expectation by many on Wall Street that China must invest in equipment to build a homegrown chip industry. According to those analysts, China needs tens of billions of dollars worth of equipment over many years to build that industry.

Some chip-industry observes, such as Robert Maire of Semiconductor Advisors, have previously opined that the U.S. could at some point impose export restrictions on U.S. shipments of capital equipment to China — effectively blocking China from getting the tools it needs.


The phrase can be used as a “smirky, passive aggressive racist dig at worst”

“alongside the headline “Chink in the Armor.” The phrasing was only up for around 30 minutes, but that was plenty of time to aggrieve a rainbow coalition of fans and commentators, who declared it a bad choice of words at best and a smirky, passive aggressive racist dig at worst. ESPN quickly apologized and fired the contrite headline writer. The network also handed out a 30-day suspension to anchor Max Bretos, who had used the same phrase on air earlier in the week. ”


I have an answer, but I’ll refrain… because everyone wants to have the last word whether it’s relevant argument or not… it’s an infinite loop.


I have thought about this. I think China is using this case to show that patent is well respected. That is, MU would win the appeal. Mark this post :slight_smile: China would avoid involving tech because not much alternatives to buy from. Plenty of alternatives for agriculture and natural resources e.g. Australia.


It’s too narrow though, USA govt grievances are not about 1 company or 1 incident.


You misunderstand me here. I do not want explain further as it may result in another big issue.


She didn’t know that you’re a 4 by 2 :slight_smile: Straight talk without any hidden meaning.


I’m always restless. I don’t need Jil to press my button for me to be that way. It’s a side effect of not having a day job :slight_smile:


You mean you have too much time :slight_smile:


When you are restless, help your workers with construction project, or go fix the clogged toilet :rofl:


I am learning. I learned a new trick last week besides replacing toilet seats and shower heads: replacing the toilet flush :slight_smile: