Trading wars impact


Might as well learn some upstream skills, architect drawing, engineering, planning code. You can soon become a builder


No interest in any of that… I’ll leave them to more capable hands :slight_smile:


If you don’t want to become a builder, at least become a general contractor. You can then get permit to flip.


Also no interest. Don’t worry, I know how to occupy my time :slight_smile:


Or have some kids and you’ll never need to find things for your time or find uses for your money :joy:

That’s the ultimate productivity to the earth


Kids are a massive time and money sink


evolution necessity.


What kind of evolution can help?

All other animals just give birth and the youngsters can just go on their own


The Soviets had the state raise kids. I have a picture of my wife in her communist uniform.


We can mandate a childless tax. If you don’t produce a kid, pay 10k a year :rofl:

It can be voluntary in the first 30 years.

For a wealthy buy and hold stock investor, how can he spend all the time he has? There’s zero work to do every day. I can’t imagine the life of @hanera


not for mammals.


For mammals, the only thing the youngsters need is mother’s milk for a short period. If you provide a human baby milk, she still can’t survive. She can’t even crawl by herself.

Also I don’t hear other mammal babies cry much. They start running around very quickly.

Humans become weaker and weaker by evolution. Only improvement is in the brain.

Maybe crying and nurturing makes human smarter. The more the parents take care of the kids, the smarter the kids will be


Actually, all primates care for their young extensively. They stick together in a clan for the duration of their life.


So family value is more fundamental than cultural heritage, it’s a natural thing, not an ideological issue


Yes, I would say bloodline is more intrinsic than culture.


In that sense, liberalism is anti nature on this issue?


Folks Calm Down…The word was not used for the purpose the insecure kid in this discussion brought it out as. He brought it out what like a whole day after the sentence was used and after he and others have already posted tons of replies on the post, and the post following them. He just wanted to win the argument he was losing and this was a cheap below the belt tactic. I am sure he must be proud of this and thinks it alright to do so. Just as he support cheating to achieve an objective and feels proud about people doing so.

Check when the sentence was posted and when it was brought to everyone’s notice by the insecure kid. That’s the reason I asked him whether he started drinking early. He must be feeling bad and going through the whole discussion again to see what cheap tactic he can use.

@wuqijun Please get over it. You exposed yourself. Dont make it worse for yourself.


Planned to work for a chinese self driving car startup, downloaded circuit board plan and booked the flight.


Oh oh, another war is brewing


No war. If someone wants to be racist and the forum admin is ok with that, it’s not my position to argue further. I’m merely a messenger to expose and condemn racism.