Trading wars impact


I’m an easy going person :slight_smile:


futures are down about a percent.


Are you an anti trumper yet?


No, I kind of like his blunt (maybe too blunt) approach, actually. THat’s probably what i am looking for in a person :slight_smile:


I was thinking i would not vote for him, but as i got more into us politics after getting greencard, and learning more about it, reading about problems, it kind of makes more sense to support him than not.


Youth wasted on the young. :man_facepalming:

Read more widely. It’s not too late.


Send me materials. Did you vote for hilary?


I’m a russian bot, i think, i wonder when putin’s gonna send me some russian chick


Yes I voted for Hillary. I said many times before. I used to be a libertarian. But as I get older I see systematic problems. You can’t just tell someone to try harder to overcome systemic issues. Racism is one. Sexism is another.

My political view is very similar to that of The Economist.


Tomorrow: Stock markets dont matter:smile:


Perfectly fine, i am sure my views will change over time, or as i start seeing more issues around. Racism in bay area is less of a thing (at least in my small world), and not part of my life besides some disappointments in openhouse when i see lots of asians :). Sexism is similar, not much of an issue, in my small world anyways.


I want to apologize unconditionally to anyone who thought it was a racist remark.

As I mentioned before, it was figure of speech, an english idiom. No one noticed it till someone, who also responded to it initially without issues, brought it out, lot later, to deflect from his own issues. Still, if someone felt bad about it, I want to apologize to them and re-assure them it wasn’t the intent.


Sexism is pretty rampant even in Bay Area. It’s embedded in our culture. Racism is more hidden in the bay.

I have been reading the economist since college. Can’t recommend enough. Bill gates’ book suggestions is also awesome. That dude reads so fast I can never keep up.

#1211 have you seen this?


No. You use it?


No, saw it years ago, never gave it proper attention.


alsoo super unrelated to recent threads but i might end up going to a cost center job :stuck_out_tongue:


No need for that. I can finish a novel in 10 mins. Just read the beginning, read the end, and skim over the middle section :slight_smile:


Or search online for a summary.


I finished reading any novels in exactly 0 seconds🤨