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futures are dropping crazy.


It’s fine… a walk in the park :slight_smile:


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Common sense is better than those tons of ism. Some ism has become detergent, not for washing clothes, it’s meant for washing brains.

When there is too much talking about ism, you know he is on the brink of #walkaway :rofl:

Seriously both racism and sexism are based on identity. Racial and gender identity are very important attributes and they have played important roles. But it has reached a point that the discrimination situation has made vast improvement that it’s not the central political issues anymore. It’s more a cultural issue now, so we should focus on more pressing issues other than identity in politics.

For democrats, it’s now more important to resist socialism than pushing on racism and sexism. Too much focus on identity politics has made #walkaway avalanche worse. Midwest people have walked away in 2016. Too much focus on illegal immigration is causing the #walkawaw happening in the broad daylight instead of quiet defecting.

Here’s an article to show that racism and sexism is already a non issue within Democratic Party. White people now have almost the same opinion on racism as minorities. Also men now have almost the same opinion on sexism as women. That’s why racism and sexism has lost its political importance in politics. Actually anti-racism has changed its focus to illegal immigration.

Another proof is that Merkel has run out of identity political issues and her party has to rely on government funded pornography equality on body shape to advance identity politics. It’s going to cause #walkaway movement when Democratic Party’s only focus is illegal immigration and sexual appeal of out of shape individuals. This is more significant than Russian bots which was reported to be a few thousand. How can a few thousand bots tweets cause millions of people to #walkawy?

Fight off socialism. Keep your common sense, that’s all. Political priorities change over time, so are we.

There’s one ism that should never be forgotten, that is, common sensism.


The sexism thing is BS. If women really made 75% of what men make for the same job, then why wouldn’t a company only hire women to save 25%? Think about how happy it’d make shareholders and execs who are compensated based on stock price. I’ve seen multiple times where women are offered MORE money due to a quota systems where companies want to increase the number of women.

Also, racism isn’t even close to working how you think. Policies aimed at equality actually make things worse.

If anything, the democrat policies that claim to help women and minorities actually hurt them. Just look the worst cities in America. They’ve all been run exclusively by democrats since the 1960’s. They are cities with horrific public schools, high crime, and no economic opportunity. Democrats have had 60+ years to make an impact in those cities, and they continue to decline.


Democrats have been controlled by white liberals, they have their own ideological goals. Minorities are only used as a tool for the white liberals to achieve their ideology.

Over emphasis on identity is misleading and does not help the minorities. Racism and sexism does exist but they are not a political priority any more. Racism and sexism has become fundamental cultural issues that needs a very long time to solve. It needs to be solved by natural social, economic and cultural development over many centuries. Government mandate on public and private employors and universities can hurt the cause and negatively affect racial and gender relations.


“Are racism and sexism a problem?” versus “are the current policies helping to correct the problems?”

Two different questions altogether.

“Democrats running the worst cities” is also a bad argument. Democrats also run the wealthiest cities.


You’re voting for a party who’s policies actively make it worse and think that you’re helping.

Democrats are great for rich white people and terrible for minorities. How is that helpful for lower income minorities? Democrats control the places with the biggest rich/poor gap when their policies are supposed to minimize that gap.


The biggest driver of inequality in California is Prop 13. That’s a republican backed initiative started in SoCal.

I don’t always vote for Democrats. I am planning to vote R for governor this fall. Inequality is actually not my No. 1 issue. For me it’s gun control.


Safety First. Make your $25M quickly and migrate to Singapore. Adopt Eduardo’s approach.

Singapore has one of the toughest gun control laws in the world. According to the Arms Offences Act, unlawful possession or carrying of firearms is punishable with imprisonment and caning. Using or attempting to use arms when committing a scheduled offense is punishable with death. The death penalty may also apply to the offender’s accomplices present at the scene of the offense.


My 25M can’t come fast enough… :fearful:


Why do you need to stay here to make $25M in stock market? It should be faster in Singapore and Hongkong with a lack of capital gain tax.

Even Seattle or Miami can help.

You need to leave USA before selling your stock. You can sell them after you get a Hongkong or Singapore citizenship.


For exit tax even if you don’t sell they still charge you capital gain tax like you sold. Need to hire some fancy pants accountant and lawyer to work the loopholes.


It’s easier to move to Seattle, Austin or Miami. Leaving Uncle Sam is not easy


You seriously think prop 13 is the biggest driver of inequality in California? You don’t think it’s tech workers make $200K while the cafeteria people make $30K? Prop 13 doesn’t matter when the income difference is almost 7x. Remove prop 13, and you’d still have NIMBYism preventing new construction which creates the shortage that’s driving prices.

I won’t derail this one on the fallacy of gun control means more safety.


May not be true in USA but is true in Singapore because of the differing cultural background and legal system. Gun control is not very effective without other supporting laws. For example, every Singaporeans have a NRIC card and tourists have passports. Many places have cameras :slight_smile: . Every vehicles have a GPS. There is no reason for ordinary citizens to own a firearm since there are no hunting grounds.


Prop 13 means local governments are incentivized against building residential. Look at the difference between Seattle and San Francisco.

Gun control of course means better safety, especially in America.


Don’t scapegoat Prop 13.
Local governments are just to lazy to be bothered to do anything. They will blame everything but themselves. Make Trump mayor of SF. It would be hilarious…


Prop 13 and Costa Hawkins are the best regulations we have.

Local governments should disband the planning commission. Local government charges too much money on new home, creates too much obstacles to build a new home.

The proposals to build high density housing is violently objected by the leftist deomcrats, including poor people’s politician Jane Kim. Poor people don’t want new housing because they are afraid of changes.


If Prop 13 went away, do you think cities would stop charging $100k entitlement fees?