Trading wars impact


reversed, guess wrong


In an effort to convey the message to President Trump, lobby group Farmers for Free Trade launched an ad campaign on “Fox and Friends” and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last week.

“I’m supportive of the Trump administration, but I have a lot of concerns about current actions that have been taken on trade and tariffs,” Indiana soy and corn farmer Brent Bible says in the ad. “The fact that China is our number one soybean customer makes us very vulnerable. Our farm and many others like ours will be one of the first casualties of a trade war.”


Trump needs to go. Worst. President. Ever!!


trump must be shorting the market.


Both SP500 and Nasdaq futures dropping 1.4% right now. What’s up with that POS in White House? Forgot his med?


It’s part of the long game. We will end up with a much better trade deal with China out of this.


You guys believe this will drop? even it drop a k tmr, probably it will go back 1500 next monday & tuesday. just like the last and last last, last last last last time…


Sure. Hope those Midwest farmers had big savings set aside.



“Better to cut a whole finger off than barely hurt 10.”


What does the full text say, and who is this?


That guy is the highest paid economist in China. Very famous but is not associated with the government as far as I know.

He’s saying china should concentrate its tariffs on easily substituted good like autos and communications, and make sure to hit Trump’s support base area. Mostly common sense. I just found the phrase “cut one finger instead of hurting 10” pretty good.



Jack Bogle should not be buying green bananas. He has the life expectancy of a hamster. Shouldn’t be worried about long term investing… lol
Btw I have life expectancy of a house cat.


Just a variant of the spot lighting :slight_smile: concept or the Chinese kill one to warn hundred idea.


Same with wb. They do it because that is what they love.


What’s the equivalent English phrase?


China has 5,000 years of recorded history, is UK that long to have so many saying? May be consult psychologists :slight_smile: and management gurus, they like to re-invent the Chinese wheel using bleeding edge studies by PhDs.


Both china/US are bullshitter, both are just proposing, basically BS


Both SP500 and Nasdaq futures are still down more than 1%.

Markets are strong because economy is strong. Trump just keeps hitting it with shitball after shitball. There is absolutely no reason why we should have down markets.

China can give Trump some symbolic wins without much substance, but his bully tactics make it difficult. If China backs down now it will lose a lot of face. Emperor Xi just got himself a life term and losing to Bully Trump can’t be the first thing he did. You want to hit me with 100B extra tariff? Sure, I will hit you with 100B too. And I will make sure it will hit where it hurts.

Trump and GOP have to answer to voters and midterm is coming up. Xi doesn’t have to answer to anyone. I think China has the upper hand here.