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Ford Prepares for Mass Layoffs After Losing $1 Billion to Trump’s Trade Tariffs, Report Says



Buy buy buy


FT: American executives are becoming China sceptics

Xi is just bad news for China. He is Trump of China.

A speech last week in Singapore by former Goldman Sachs chief executive and the US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson gives a sense of just how few American friends China has left. “The American business community has turned from advocate to sceptic and even opponent of past US policies toward China,” Mr Paulson said. “How can it be that those who know China best . . . and have advocated for productive relations in the past, are among those now arguing for confrontation?”


Has nothing to do with Xi.


Washington Asks Allies to Drop Huawei

The U.S. government has initiated an extraordinary outreach campaign to foreign allies, trying to persuade wireless and internet providers in these countries to avoid telecommunications equipment from China’s Huawei Technologies Co., according to people familiar with the situation.


All out war to isolate China?


That would be a losing battle.


US has two invincible weapons: semiconductors and USD. China is no match. Not for another 20 years at least. And unless US makes some dumb self inflicting wounds, like keeps electing dumbasses like Trump, China can’t win.

Xi should have stuck to Deng’s teaching. He overreached and gets burned. Very bad leader. Worst since Mao.


China has already won. America is like the British empire in its dying days.


The British Empire was ended by WW2. Not there yet.


In the 21st century,China has installed a permanent emperor(next generation system) to guide them in their “preordained” path to greatness.

Also in the pipeline is another next generation government control system.


Keyword here is “not there yet”, which spells eventual doom.


Could be. We have had some really poor leadership since Vietnam. Nixon Carter Clinton Bushes Obama Trump. All pretty much hated more than liked. Yet out economy is doing better than China. Maybe leaders have less influence than people think.


But Chinese citizens all love their leaders. How do we know? Because they have no choice but to speak with one united voice i.e. voice of government.


There is a reason our leaders have been hated. 2 were impeached. One could be and the rest barely did anything. Piss poor leaders seem to be ok unless there is a crisis. Most of the presidents from 1865-1900 were piss poor. Two were murdered with little or no impact


PC will unite us and make us one voice as well.




I agree. Xi seems very different from all the previous leaders. Caused major damage to China.


I have mentioned this earlier that biggest impact of Trump’s aggression towards China is a change in attitude in the US public about China. The more this is pro-longed the more wider it would become. Its the first time that China being unfair in trade is so much in public news and for so long. Its no longer a talk that is contained within right wing.

China was unfair all along. Restricted market access, currency manipulation, dumping of goods, unfair aggression towards neighbors, support of terrorists like Kim and IP theft are common occurrence in Chinese behavior. Its only trump that has called it out openly, at the highest level and most importantly, taken action.

A little more time and we will have a substantial quorum in state department to influence policy making at wider scale on this.


At some point China has to challenge US openly. You can’t become #1 superpower without dethroning the incumbent. You can make moves in the background but you need to come out openly at the end to throw knockout punches.

So Xi did what a Chinese supreme leader would do eventually. And he thought that the time has arrived to come out of the shadows as US is going down. 2 years ago most of the posters here thought the same. Just check the posts. Average IQ 100+ Chinese arriving at the scene to claim what they believe is their historical claim.

The only thing that changed was that US elected Trump as the president. And with that everything has changed.